Colonia-based electro pop ensemble The Agony Family has released a record as a follow-up to the group’s previous work, Yourself United. Pressing forward with their more structured 2012 self-produced piece, Earth! is a super poppy, synth-oriented ride of beats and vocals that stick. The track “Autumnatic” is a roller coaster of spaced out synth programming laid upon bubbly melodies. A varying chorus of youthful vocals dominates the cut, reciting clever lyrics jam-packed with analogies and outside references.

“I Never Should’ve Tried” has a feel to it that is akin to some sort of undiscovered ‘80s pop song. With a chorus of na na nas and a repetitive beat that flies through, the number mimics the super pop quality of the track. It seems The Agony Family are doing okay with the means that are available to them, but the sound can definitely still be refined. A progressive solo creates a bridge, tying the beginning and ending of “And You, Brutus” together. The cut binds multiple musical elements and influences into one, with the exception of a guest vocal part that does not exactly hold its own.

“Genesis” is a tune with an intro and piano lead line similar to that of Coldplay’s “Politik,” only with revamped lyrics chronicling the trials of a young life. The chorus of the song “Roots” is the most simple of the group, but it’s also the strongest because it has a steady verse and musical part to back it. The members of the outfit seemed to have honed their songwriting skills, particularly in the department concerning melodies. Despite their lyrical focus upon existential topics, their vocal signatures do giveaway the green shade of their years. An interesting future, surely, is ahead of this small town band of young musicians.

In A Word: Positive

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