Zeni Danussi: Powerbolt

British guitar god Zeni Danussi brings to audiences the instrumental Powerbolt, a wizardry of heavy metal riffs, intense solos, and head-banging music. The first thing that can be noted from just the first few parts of “March Of The Gods,” the first song on the album, is Danussi’s amazing talent. Whether it’s from his melodic, commanding chords or the speed at which he plays tantalizing pieces, he is an expert in the art of shredding.

Powerbolt is composed of all instrumental guitar parts and a steady background drum rhythm in each of his songs. Although all of his songs are just of him on the guitar, he proves versatility in his music. The fifth track, “Love Dealers,” is of a slower tempo with more metal chords yet “March Of The Gods” has some classic rock influences and tones in its melodies towards the end of the cut. Danussi’s talent can be compared to that of symphonic and metal guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen or guitar genius Steve Vai, as all have classical influences in their playing as well as impressive speed. The fourth song, “Powerbolt,” is a maze of piercing melodies and heavy chords in the background. With this song, Danussi slows down the tempo in parts and plays riffs that are perhaps some of the most difficult on the record.

Much of his music incorporates synthesizing guitar effects and eccentric sounds. “Groovin’ The Devil” is the best example of this, as the UK guitar virtuoso starts off the track he makes his instrument talk alien sounds with seemingly anti-melodic notes that merge together to form wild noises. Danussi’s skill and musical energy provide Powerbolt, this rightfully named, powerful record, its drive as a masterpiece in the field of guitar shredding, composing, and playing.

In A Word: Paramount