The Januariez: Authentic

The Januariez’s debut album, Authentic, which was produced by the renowned Jack Endino, is a mix of blues, metal, and punk that combine to create an eclectic record. The band is led by frontwoman J-Knee, who boasts an extremely wide range of talents that are shown in all the pieces. She is the singer, songwriter and guitarist, and has extensive vocal ability that is evident from just the first few seconds of the first song. Each is an experience that J-Knee has gone through, and each track varies in composition and sound although they always keep true to their punk rock and bluesy roots. “What I Could Give You,” the fourth track, is an upbeat and very blues-driven piece while the sixth cut, “Moments Of Knowing,” is slow and has a more droning sound.

The fifth and seventh tracks, “Trauma Model” and “16,” respectively, are an excellent portrayal of the vocal range the lead singer possesses, as she hits the high notes and displays power in her voice. J-Knee also shows much guitar expertise on the record as she provides crafty riffs, fillers, and a few humble yet respectable solos throughout the music. “Projector Blues” is the definitive blues song on the album and rightly represents that side of The Januariez’s material just as “Shut Up And Listen,” one of the best composed tracks on Authentic, is the conclusive punk rock sound of the band.

Overall, The Januariez have created an expert punk rock and blues work of art. Drummer Reno and bassist Tony Rivera throw in steady rhythms in the music that complement J-Knee’s melodies through her guitar playing and skillful vocals.

In A Word: Diverging