One late night tour drive through Canada, Shannon Whitworth and Barrett Smith decided it was time to make a recording of some of their favorite songs. A couple of fun-filled months later, they were in the studio bringing their ideas to life. The product is Bring It On Home, a jazzy album that transcends time and revives a few legendary hits that some of us may have forgotten about.

The album opens with the Sam Cooke classic, “Bring It On Home To Me.” The duet make the song all their own, and give it a modern edge that provides the five-decade-old single with new life. It’s easy for the listener to imagine the two vocalists as a couple deeply in love; such is the level of chemistry between them. “Moonglow” is a standout in the album, with the trumpet in particular (played by Justin Ray) adding a mood of nostalgia and wistfulness. My personal favorite was easily “Corcovado.” The Spanish lyrics were sung wonderfully and naturally by Barrett Smith, and the Latin spice in the track provided the album with some additional variety. It doesn’t matter if you understand the language or not—Spanish is a joy and pleasure to listen to, regardless of how much of it you actually comprehend. The introduction of the saxophone in this and the following song, “Green Grass,” once again brings up that jazzy edge that is characteristic of the album as a whole.

Bring It On Home is an album that revitalizes old classics and makes them relevant once again. It’s clear how much Shannon Whitworth and Barrett Smith appreciate these singles, and their effort in ensuring that these songs’ past magic remains is evident.

In A Word: Refreshing

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