Locals, I’m back to bring you some hot, new, stimulating, eccentric musicians and songs that I feel you need to get on your radar. This week I’m going to dedicate this article to one specific band, their journey, process, new music, and just about each and every thing I can possibly cover about them. You may formerly know them as Breathing Blue, but have undergone a recent name change, revamp, and makeover in the best way possible. Haven’t heard of them? Let us change that.

When you hear a good band, you know it immediately. You tell all of your friends about them, post their music to people’s social media pages, and somewhat hope that the whole world doesn’t find out about them (even though they should) because you want them to be your best-kept secret. However, when it comes to this group, I want the world to embark on this wonder. An observation of mine is that no matter how you go about hearing and listening to music, we always seemingly come to the same conclusion that if it sounds good, it has to be good. This subject really belongs to the ear, mind and philosophy of the beholder. In this case, the beholder is I, and the answer is “hell yes” with a cherry on top. They may be used to blaring out their hit “This Isn’t About You,” but trust me boys, right now, this article couldn’t be more about you.

Graviteer are a compelling force; a force that attract ears to speakers. When you hear their name, you may think of, well, gravity, and its similarity in definition is uncanny, and could not be more precise. “Gravity, the degree of intensity is measured by acceleration,” may be a Google definition, but it sums up this group perfectly. Chris, Rob, Matt, Justin, and Rudy, hailing from Brick Township, are achieving their dreams, with a little help from their drive, determination, and insane talent. About two weeks ago, I was sent their new single, “Should I Be Ashamed?” and the answer, my friends, is absolutely not. The track should be called “Should I Be Proud?” because this song is dominant, catchy, original, and contagious. With blaring guitars, insanely beautiful vocals, and a melody line that will be stuck to you like a piece of gum to an old Chuck Taylor shoe, I find this to be the local anthem of 2013. There are so many parts that can be recognized here; let us not forget to mention the careful attention to the progression and transitions. They have carved out an impenetrable, intimate collage, layered to precision that works through and through. Instrumentally, I feel this is one of their most adventurous pieces. Guitarist Rob Bost recently stated about the track, “Should I Be Ashamed? is the new us. We went back to our old roots and what we love to play as individuals and are bringing it together. Everything finally feels right.” Bassist Chris Dechert also said about the new single, “This is a huge step in the right direction for our band. We are glad to be maturing and progressing, and couldn’t be happier with how this track came out.” The boys are expected to release an EP this summer, along with tons of tour dates, so fans will have to be sure to keep an eye out as to where they can catch them.

Throughout their careers, Graviteer have mastered the art of understanding how to put everything together by incorporating an intense knowledge of different components of a song, and how they are arranged to become a smash. They have done it all locally, from playing Bamboozle, opening up for national acts, getting radio airplay, and so much more. However, they will never forget where they came from. There are several key factors that set them apart from their peers, the greatest of which is that they understand when and why to do those things. Confused? Let me explain. They don’t hesitate to stray outside the conventions of the genre. You see, they wear their influences on their sleeves, but never seem unoriginal or dishonest; they always sound like their own band. In a world where music is constantly changing, groups are dipping into sounds we never imagined, and there is barely a set thing as a “specific genre.” Graviteer are bold in move making, without ever changing what they really stand for. This is a hard trait to dominate. A huge part in what helps them do this is Justin’s singing. He has a fully apprehended voice that he thrusts to his limits from start to finish. However, it’s a cakewalk compared to a struggle. His tone is matchless to the ear, while the adjoining musical accompaniment balances in so flawlessly that the band essentially functions as one organ of musical satisfaction. Their obvious passion to play music is not only evident on their recordings, but predominantly in their live set. Whether they’re the opener or the headliner, they always deliver that musicianship and hunger to every audience.

If this article has not convinced you to check out Graviteer, I’m not exactly sure what will. But trust me when I say that you will live a protracted, deep, regretful musical life if you don’t. I’m very hesitant with throwing the word “amazing” around, but at a time like this, I’m more than willing to shout it from the rooftops. This single is the start of a musical phenomenon. I cannot wait to hear more new music, and it’s hard to imagine how they will blow my mind next; whatever and however it may be, it’ll be vastly anticipated, and unquestionably will not let me down. They have masterminded a release that is a fundamental piece of evidence in proving how they are changing the form of music and how it lives in our eardrums. They have the charisma of rock ‘n’ roll stars and the talent to back that statement up wholeheartedly. Graviteer should be in every rock fan’s collection, whether you’re into emo, metal, melodic rock, alternative, classic rock, or any other style. If you’re seeking something new, refreshing, and thought-provoking, be sure to check out Graviteer and their new single “Should I Be Ashamed?” In their own words, “This is the future.”

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