Bad Religion: True North

True North is the 16th studio album by California punk band Bad Religion. Founded in the early ‘80s, the group still succeeds with their up-tempo speed, three-part harmonies, and lyrics reflective of society. The album begins with their title-track, one of six songs under two minutes on the album. The song refers to a moral compass and continues to be one of the main themes on True North. Songs like “Past Is Dead,” “Robin Hood In Reverse” and “Land Of Endless Greed” focus on the days of yesterday, and how we have to take our focus away from greed and business. “Dharma And The Bomb” starts off with a lead solo and heavy cymbal use, and is driven by riffs and references to Western beliefs.

“Hello Cruel World” gives the album a bit of an intermission. The song is more of a punk ballad and goes back to the moral compass theme with the line “I’ve been blind as a fool can be/My dear cruel world now I’ve made a mess of everything.” “In Their Hearts Is Right” brings back the upbeat tempo and is riddled with tremendous vocal harmonies. “Crisis Time,” “Dept. Of False Hope” and “Nothing To Dismay” speak of action and doing what is right by keeping yourself in line. “Changing Tide,” one of the closing tracks, begins with a lead guitar focusing on bends and sustains that shortly turn into fast riffs. When it is time for the “oozin’ aahs,” there’s a blend of rhythm and lead guitar to make the chorus one of the catchiest on the record. For those who are newcomers to the punk genre, or for the old school fans, True North is a must.

In A Word: Righteous