A few months ago, I wrote a preview for One Of Us, the then-upcoming album from New Jersey native Peter Vitalone. The concert pianist’s record has finally dropped, and I’m pleased to say that it was well worth the hype.

In his past works, Vitalone utilized the piano in order to create a meditative atmosphere for his listeners; in One Of Us, while the piano is still relatively prevalent, it appears that Vitalone has tried to bring in other instruments to broaden the appeal of his music. This is certainly evident in “Same Time Next Year,” which contains a brief introductory piano solo before eventually including the guitar and drums. In the track, Vitalone experiences somewhat of an epiphany, and transitions from discussing a group of people he calls “we” to a singular “I.”

The harmonica hints at what is to come in “Make It Last,” a soulful piece in which Peter has a one-way conversation reflecting about his relationship issues with a mystery woman. He seems to know that the status quo won’t last forever, and therefore wants to “make it last” for as long as possible. In my mind, the song brings up some of John Keats’ poetry, namely “Bright Star,” where he wishes for his relationship to be as steadfast as a star. The track is in no way pessimistic or regretful; on the contrary, it is quite cheerful, and seeks to uplift those who may find themselves in a similar position, teetering on the edge of a break-up.

One Of Us is a record that combines a few recurring themes—mainly those of love—and seeks to deliberate and interpret them by providing Vitalone’s own experiences as examples. The personal aspect of One Of Us is really what makes it so effortlessly relatable, without bringing out any of the negative feelings we have hidden inside ourselves.

In A Word: Stirring

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