Boxed Wine: Cheap, Fun

Boxed Wine, a five-piece indie pop band from New Jersey, recently released a three-track EP featuring songs that will be on their new album. The infectious EP leaves one on the edge of their seat for the upcoming full-length, which is slated for a May release. The quintet are one of New Jersey’s hidden gems, which hopefully won’t remain that way for long, as their strong indie pop sound doesn’t drag on like others in the genre. Instead, the Cheap, Fun EP will keep you dancing all night with no escape of the catchiness that the band brings to the table.

The overall energetic collection is a pick-me-up within itself. The bright and hooky starting number, “Bones,” gets the party started within the first 15 seconds of its intro, and the party doesn’t stop there; it keeps on growing as the fun-sized release continues on. The consistent feel-good, summertime sound that Boxed Wine emits doesn’t become too predictable or overdone. Instead, Cheap, Fun is cooked to perfection with the right amount of savory riffs and juicy harmonies. The only complaint with it is how short it is and the amount of time left until the full-length is released. Unlike most wines of the boxed variety, this particular kind of Boxed Wine doesn’t leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, a morning full of regrets or a nasty headache to get rid of. Overall, I’d recommend Boxed Wine for fans of rambunctious melodies and a good time that follows.

In A Word: Stellar