TheNowhereNauts: Warned You

The NowhereNauts are a New York-based band composed of Sofie Kapur (lead vocals), Hunter Lombard (guitar, vocals), Anders Kapur (bass, vocals), and Tony Franco (drums, vocals). After their self-titled debut in 2011, they released their second LP, Warned You, back on Jan. 15.

This album begins and ends on a strong note. The title-track and the last song on the record, “Wave Me Out,” display the band’s ability to create a wall of sound while Sofie blows you away with her vocals. “Insomnia” is another track that follows the same format, with every member of the band contributing to the backing vocals. Franco has a strong presence in “Hideaway,” and “Call My Name” consists of hard-hitting beats and fills in between each riff.

Three of the catchiest songs on the album are “Constant Buzzing,” “Until You,” and “Backfire.” These three tracks rely on the use of guitars to set a groove for the vocals that you can’t help but sing along to. Anders’ ability to play bass stands out on “Drowning Slowly,” “Shadow,” and “Spaces.” He creates a groove that mixes well with Lombard’s guitars, and pokes out of the background to add an important element to the music.

This is a strong album that will be an effective stepping-stone for the band. It’s unusual to hear a band where every member contributes to the vocals, but it has an incredible effect on the sound of the disc. With the mix of clean and distorted guitars, explosive drums and strong vocals, each track showcases the band members’ capabilities, making Warned You a solid rock record.

In A Word: Infectious