Viasava: One Year Down

Setting the stage for the remainder of Viasava’s debut album, One Year Down, is the instrumental intro, “Day One.” The track is a minute of sporadic keys that form an elongated melody with wandering vocal parts that build tension before the riff of the second number drops. “New Frontier” comes crashing down hard with a harmonious backing chorus and a riff that shreds with the purpose of creating a perfect platform for Dustin Lowery to show off his vocal chops. The percussion behind the cut does the job of reinforcing its heaviness and keeping the energy alive.

Enthusiasm and a vivacious approach are tangible elements to this group’s sonic trademark. The hard surface of this band’s signature ebbs with “All I Need,” a song that takes a gentler tone without losing the weighty depth of the Atlanta-based outfit’s sound. Discussing the journey of a musician, the number is relatable and driven by optimism. On the seventh piece, “Undivided,” is undoubtedly a rock ballad in the form of a love song. Without becoming sappy, the mood shifts again toward the rawer and vulnerable aspects of the spectrum while still ending on a shredding guitar note. Taking the music back to their roots, the band returns to the heaviness with “Getting By,” a frustration-fueled cut with a classic rock style of guitars at its core.

The musicianship between the members of Viasava allows for sonic balance to exist on the record. Musically, they are primarily riff-driven and the capabilities of their vocalist do not hurt them either. The album closer, “Chasing Footprints” strums acoustically for its four-minute lifespan, solidifying itself as the icing on the cake for listeners of One Year Down. With this smooth finish, Viasava makes their mark, and it’s an imprint not likely to fade out.

In A Word: Aggressive