Bobby Long is a folk rock musician from England. Living in New York, he has begun to feel at home. Highly inspired by musicians like Neil Young with his ability to experiment and reinvent his sound, Long’s Wishbone reflects this Americana he has come to admire. “Devil Moon” is the first song on the album, and it notes this change in style. The musicians Long worked with on the album helped him create a heavier rock sound. This change of style can be heard on the previously mentioned “Devil Moon” and “Blood in The Orchard.” Wishbone itself was named after a lyric in the song “Yesterday Yesterday,” which also encompasses this change in direction. Long’s reputation to play the guitar shines on “In Your Way.” His solo near the end of the track displays his ability to pour emotion out of the instrument.

Long’s lyrics on relationships can be best showcased on “She Won’t Leave.” Opposite of this, Long vows to be there for his love in “Help You Mend,” while remnants of his softer side can still be found on “My Parade.” The steel guitar is beautifully used in the background, as well as on “All My Brothers” and “Waiting For Dawn.” These songs focus on this new sound and continue on the upbeat “Not Tonight, Not Today.” Muting is used during the verses to build up to the honest chorus. “Making You Talk” features slow-paced instruments that allow the listener to focus on Long’s gritty vocals. The final song, “To The Light” encompasses the folk and rock sounds explored on the album. Filled with stylistic experimentation, Wishbone is a piece of art, allowing Long to express himself by transcending genres. It’ll be exciting to see what direction Long’s music goes in next.

In A Word: Refreshing

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