Jay Nash is a singer-songwriter based in Vermont. Growing up, he found a deep connection to the music he listened to. Over the years, he developed the ability to play guitar and write music. His upcoming Letters From The Lost features nine songs that play to Nash’s strengths. These strengths are the power of his lyrics, ability to play the guitar, and his natural and soulful vocals. He sings with passion on each song. On the opening track, “Wander,” Nash goes from deep vocals to a higher register. Percussion is used in the background along with the strumming of the electric guitar. Nash has an electric solo on “Sailor,” which plays over acoustic chords. His ability to strum and pick the acoustic in the main riff of “Twist My Arm” gives it an upbeat sound. The steel guitar later joins in and is also seen on “Sometimes.”

Other instruments like the tenor saxophone and strings are featured on Letters From The Lost. “I Won’t Let Go” includes the tenor sax, as it takes over halfway into the track. Cellist Oliver Kraus provided strings on songs like “The Art Thief” and “White Whale.” They are featured throughout the record, providing a backdrop for the rest of the instruments. Nash’s biggest strong point is his vocal ability. They lay at the forefront of each song on the album and create a connection with the listener. “Stars” and “Blame It All On The Wind” close out the record. They are emotionally driven, lyrically and musically. This album serves as an outlet for Nash to express himself. With that, he hopes to form a connection with his listeners, like he did when he discovered music—the same music that took him on the path he’s on today.

In A Word: Soulful

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