Anchoress: Set Sail

Anchoress are a four-piece hardcore punk band hailing from Vancouver, Canada. Formed in 2010, the band is gearing up for the release of Set Sail. This album has a couple of fairly short songs like “All The Sweaty Dudes” and “Murder In The Sky Over Burnaby.” The latter is a 30-second opening that transitions beautifully into the second track. “Cadillacs” and “She-Devil” are composed of quick chords and switch over to single-note riffs. “Cadillacs” also features a roaring guitar solo. The guitar shines on “Apocalunatics,” and along with the snare rolls, adds to the energy on “Foul Bay.” About halfway into the latter track the music slows down a bit, creating a groove before it picks up again, making this my favorite song on the album.

There are a few references to various characters and films on Set Sail. “Brooks Was Here” is one of these tunes, which is about one of the characters from Shawshank Redemption. Sean Penn, Dead Man Walking, Star Wars and the current zombie phenomenon are all mentioned throughout “Zombies On A Plane.” The last track on the album, “Grease Fire,” has love song-like lyrics and is as touching as a hardcore punk love song can be. Overall, this is a very fast-paced album with nine of the 11 cuts ending in under three minutes. That said, the length of the album does not take away from its quality. Anchoress are more than just a band—they are friends. A tight-knit group that share a passion for writing and performing music. It is a way to creatively express themselves and share their thoughts with others, even if these thoughts reference John Travolta’s Grease, zombies, and stuck-up girls.

In A Word: Passionate