Hero & Leander: Tumble

Three years after forming in 2010, UK’s Hero & Leander are ready to release their debut album, Tumble. This six-piece band consists of three singers and musicians who can play the piano and violin in addition to guitar, bass, and drums. The album starts off with the funky “Soul To Soul.” The vocal pattern is an interesting one, and it also features multiple vocalists. The strength of this group lies in their voices. “Collider” is a very upbeat and catchy song that makes great use of the guitars. Much like the first track, the chorus features backup vocals of multiple members. “Everything Will Be” is another cut on the album that is produced very well and features a mix of acoustic guitar and piano. There are a few tempo changes on the album, which showcases the band’s versatility. Songs like “The Infinite” and “Kettle” are energetic and upbeat. The use of percussion is key in setting the mood on these tunes. The guitars do a great job of following the drums and then dictating when the tempos change.

Emily Sills sings lead vocals on “One Three Four” and “Here Comes The Sun.” “One Three Four” is an intimate track that has a slower pace and is brilliantly mixed, leading back to the strength of the band’s voices. Finger picking on the acoustic guitar is vital to the tone of “Here Comes The Sun.” Electric guitar shines in the background, further adding to the sound.

For their debut record, Hero & Leander make a strong entrance into today’s music. A pop act with the ability to write meaningful, intelligent lyrics, and deliver them in a way that is truly remarkable. With a trio of singers, the band uses their vocals as three more instruments that add to the depth of the music.

In A Word: Inspiring