The Ultimate Guide To Skate And Surf 2013 – Saturday, May 18

It’s been many years since New Jersey has seen Skate And Surf arise. The festival, which brought on the creation of Bamboozle, is back and better than ever. On May 18 and 19, Six Flags Great Adventure will be buzzing with fans and musicians alike for the event, which will be taking place at the amusement park’s festival grounds. Nothing spells out a good time like roller coasters and music! Here’s your play-by-play guide of who is playing what day, what’s new with your favorite artists, and the 411 on some acts that you may not know about. To purchase tickets and see additional information, go to


Fall Out Boy

There’s no denying that the hiatus of Fall Out Boy upset many. Now the Illinois-based quartet are back with their latest release, Save Rock And Roll. Formed in 2001, the band rose to fame with their catchy lyrics and energetic pop rock instrumentals in songs such as “Grand Theft Autumn,” “Saturday,” “Sugar We’re Going Down,” “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” and most recently, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up).” Join them at Skate And Surf as they celebrate their comeback as well as on their upcoming tour to support Save Rock And Roll!



Timeflies are an electronic duo that blend together elements of hip-hop and a smidge of dubstep to create a unique sound. The two-piece is made up of Rob “Rez” Resnick and Cal Shapiro, and are originally based out of the New York/New Jersey region, though they currently reside in Boston. Timeflies released their debut album back in 2011 along with mixtapes and EPs since, and are currently working on their follow-up sophomore album. Resnick and Shapiro aren’t strangers to the music scene after playing in previous bands such as The Ride before forming Timeflies. Don’t let time fly by and miss out on catching Timeflies’ set!



Hailing from Canada, Valerie Anne Poxleitner, better known as Lights, is bringing her dreamy electro-pop sound to Skate And Surf this year. Since roughly 2010, the songstress has earned spots on Warped Tour and has toured alongside Keane, Stars Of Track And Field, Owl City and other artists. Since her debut album, Listening, and first acoustic EP, Lights has brightened up venues with her danceable beats and fun melodies. Her sophomore full-length, Siberia, dropped in 2011, and an acoustic version of the album was just released in April.


Streetlight Manifesto

New Jersey’s ska-tastic seven-piece Streetlight Manifesto are on board for this year’s Skate And Surf. After performing in many other bands such as Catch 22, it’s easy to say that the members of Streetlight Manifesto are certainly seasoned musicians geared to making memories while performing. After a few issues with their label, the band finally released their fifth full-length, The Hands That Thieve, on April 30. Streetlight Manifesto have announced their upcoming hiatus tour titled The End Of The Beginning, which has the group touring throughout Europe and the United States before taking an indefinite break.


Of Mice & Men

Former Attack Attack! vocalist Austin Carlile formed Of Mice & Men in 2009 and since then, the band’s released two studio albums with another in the works. The SoCal metalcore quartet have recently been nominated for two Kerrang! awards for their song “The Depths,” as well as receiving nominations in the “Best Live Band” and “International Newcomer” categories. Almost a year later and the reissue of their sophomore album, The Flood, which features four new songs, is still receiving support from fans both old and new. Not too long ago, the group went on tour with fellow Skate And Surfers A Day To Remember, and have been working on another album since late 2012. Find out what all the hype surrounding Of Mice & Men is about when they perform on Saturday!


Andrew W.K.

For a good time, call Andrew W.K. Seriously, call him. Between throwing parties, making music to rock out to and inspiring others to do the same (and achieve other goals, of course), the Ann Arbor native has truly earned the title of The King Of Partying. Best known for his song “Party Hard,” bloody nose and YouTube channel in which he dishes out party tips, Andrew W.K. is surely going to bring the party this week. Recently, he appeared in a music video for Converse alongside the likes of Matt & Kim and Soulja Boy called “I’m A Goner.”


American Authors

Brooklyn’s American Authors have an uplifting indie rock sound that’ll shake things up at this event. The Island Records quartet’s latest two singles, “Believer” and “Best Day Of My Life,” are two songs that’ll touch, inspire and pump up the listener. The four-piece made such a splash at SXSW, and it’s clear to see why with their fresh melodies and crisp harmonies. American Authors are beginning to write a new chapter in the alternative indie genre, so get hooked on them now, as this band is going places. They will also be touring throughout the U.S. this spring/summer.


Balance And Composure

Balance And Composure is the perfect name for this Doylestown, PA, post-rock quintet, as they feature equal parts balance and keep things modern, mixed together with the composure of the musicians that have come before them. Despite their last full-length, Separation, being released in 2011, the band hasn’t been sitting dormant. Over the course of the winter, they’ve toured with the likes of Daylight, who are also scheduled to play Skate And Surf, and The Jealous Sound. Not to mention they also released a split with Braid back in February. Balance And Composure aren’t an act to miss!


Candy Hearts

Sugar, spice and pop punk; these are the ingredients used to make New Jersey/New York’s Candy Hearts. The quartet-turned-trio have a pretty impressive catalog of music under their belts, including their latest release, The Best Ways To Disappear, which came out in November 2012. The six-track release blends honest lyrics and hooky choruses together to create a relatable soundtrack for a heavy heart while providing an outlet to scream, shout and dance the angst away. Vocalist Mariel Loveland can easily be compared to the female version of Mark Hoppus or Ted Leo. Candy Hearts will definitely be bringing the sugar rush.


Chris Webby

Norwalk, CT’s Chris Webby has received much acclaim and built a strong fan following since the release of his first mixtape, The White Noise LP, dropped back in 2009. So far, 2013 has proven to be a busy year for the rapper after the success of his seventh release, Bars On Me. Currently, the musician has been touring the country and recording new music. Webby will also be heading to Canada after this performance. His strengths can be heard on “Change The World” off of Bars On Me. Hear for yourself what Chris Webby can bring to the table.



At first, Coasta might sound a smidge familiar, especially in the vocal department. Perhaps it’s because the young Long Island band is fronted by Jamey Lacey, the brother of Brand New’s Jesse Lacey. Despite the similarities in singing style, Lacey steps out of his brother’s shadow to create his own path with Coasta. The quartet’s latest release came out about a year ago, and contains five songs that showcase Coasta’s raw talent. Sunzal is available on their Bandcamp ( and is a must-have for fans of indie pop. Get ready to be swept up by Coasta!


Complete Confusion

With a wide range of influences, Complete Confusion blend their styles together to create a sound that doesn’t confuse but instead moves and hooks the listener. The Pleasant Valley, NY, group consists of Nick Bringman (lead vocals), Adam Crash (bass/vocals), Chris Bengough (guitar), Brenndan Rahe (guitar) and Jake Parise (drums), and put plenty of heart and soul into their craft. Check them out on the web at, download a copy of their EP, Inverted, and make sure to see them when they play both days of the festival!


Crown The Empire

Texas’ Crown The Empire have had a busy start to the year. From touring with Like Moths To Flames and the upcoming Generation Now tour with Capture The Crown, Palisades, Heartist and Famous Last Words, to Skate And Surf and eventually Warped Tour, there’s no stopping these guys. With only two releases under their belt so far—their debut EP, Limitless, and their first studio album, The Fallout—the only thing next to do is see what this sextet are going to do next. Don’t miss the set from this melodic post-hardcore band!


Death Spells

After finishing a tour with Mindless Self Indulgence, Death Spells are geared up to tackle their next feat: Skate And Surf. The experimental sound of the duo combines abstract lyrics, harsh screams and electronics to create an eerie hypnotic-like sound that makes it hard to turn away from. The duo recently released demos via their Soundcloud page, but only kept the tracks live for one day apiece, giving fans a quick sneak peek before it’s gone. Eventually, this cat and mouse sort of game lead up to the debut of the music video for “Where Are My Fucking Pills?” which was an interesting way to pull traffic to their site. Branch out and witness Death Spells!


Driicky Graham

Driicky Graham built quite the following with his hit “Snapbacks & Tattoos,” which gained him radio exposure in 2012. Since then he’s put out his debut mixtape, Ya Gotta Start Somewhere, and signed to eOne Music. Graham’s fresh and young style breathes a bit of fun back into the hip-hop scene. His love for the genre and music is evident through his delivery and overall good spirit. Driicky Graham is someone to watch out for. Be sure to grab your snapback and check out what all the hype surrounding Graham is about.


Escape The Fate

Since 2005, Escape The Fate have released four studio albums, including their latest, Ungrateful, which dropped May 14. Soon the quintet will be supporting Papa Roach on tour as well as Glamour Of The Kill here in the U.S. and Europe. Escape The Fate will also be performing at this year’s Download Festival in the UK. Even with some lineup changes, the Nevada-based band has built a solid fanbase worldwide, and show no signs of slowing down.


For The Fallen Dreams

Lansing, Michigan’s For The Fallen Dreams formed in 2002, and have released four studio albums including 2012’s Wasted Youth and three self-released EPs. However, in the sea of post-hardcore and metalcore bands, it’s easy to be swept under the rug as another one of those acts with breakdowns and brash vocals. To separate themselves from the pack, For The Fallen Dreams put added emphasis into their lyrics, making them as powerful as can be. They are currently on tour with Hundredth, Upon This Dawning and Gideon.



Another young rapper with his own style is going to be gracing Skate And Surf. With his smooth and sometimes topical rhymes, Hi-Rez seems to stay true to what he believes in. The Fort Lauderdale native has released five mixtapes to date, been touring extensively, and his brand new EP, Impatiently Waiting, is available now. There’s no doubt that Hi-Rez is an artist to watch in the upcoming months. Make sure you see his set and grab yourself a copy of Impatiently Waiting.



As a businessperson, actor and musician, Hopsin has made his own path after battling obstacle after obstacle. The Los Angeles-based rapper has founded his own record label, released a mixtape, two albums, and has a third in the works. Not to mention Hopsin has some acting under his belt as well, making him a triple threat when it comes to career choices. In 2013, the rapper will be unleashing Knock Madness, which he produced himself with some aid from Blink-182’s Travis Barker. Hopsin will be performing both days, so there is no excuse to miss him!



South Carolina natives Hundredth are not only talented musicians, but also are doing their part to give back. The band founded Hope Into Humanity, which has started projects like The Water Cause that began in 2012. This project was geared to raise $20,000 in a 90-day period so that those without clean drinking water could be provided it. In addition to their non-profit, Hundredth are slated to release a double EP this year. The first of the series, Revolt, has been made public with Resist to follow in the future. For more information on Hope Into Humanity and The Water Cause, visit


I Call Fives

With the release of four EPs and their self-titled studio album, I Call Fives’ fanbase keeps on growing. However, 2013 seems to be a slow year for the pop punk New Jersey natives, as this is just their third scheduled show of the year. The Washington Township group must be resting up to really put on one jaw-dropping performance! Either way, support these local Jersey boys and pick up a copy of their CD, I Call Fives.


Into It. Over It.

Evan Thomas Weiss recorded and released a new song weekly throughout 2007, which lead to No Sleep Records picking up what the singer-songwriter was doing and putting it out on two discs. After that, the musician was releasing music every couple of months and began touring extensively. Into It. Over It. are now playing gigs across the U.S. with the likes of Matt Pryor, Alkaline Trio, Owen, and have even landed a spot at the Green Music Fest.


Jake Miller

It’s unclear what they put in the water in Florida, but they’re busting out new talent by the second. Take Jake Miller for instance. The young rapper has a deep musical background, playing piano, drums and guitar, and much like Driicky Graham, is also on eOne. Miller will be touring the New York region after this performance to promote his latest EP, A Road Less Traveled. The six-song release brings a bit of a poppy side to hip-hop, which showcases just some of Miller’s abilities.


Major League

Like many of the local musicians here in the Tri-State Area, Major League worked their way up by winning over fans and having their music spread by word of mouth, and it has paid off for the New Jersey quintet. Recently, the band has joined forces with Such Gold and Senses Fail on their tour. Late in 2012, the group released Hard Feelings, which was their major label debut with No Sleep. Major League will knock one out of the park with their bright riffs and catchy hooks.



Mixtapes are a quartet from Cincinnati, Ohio, who have a versatile indie pop sound mixed in with some tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Their sound could be compared to Jimmy Eat World meets New Found Glory with sweet harmonies. The boy/girl melodies really make Mixtapes stand out among the other indie pop/pop punk acts out there. Their next full-length, Ordinary Silence, is currently available for pre-order, and will be released June 25. Get on board the Mixtapes bandwagon, for this four-piece won’t go out of style.


Paradise Fears

South Dakota’s Paradise Fears began to build a strong fanbase after the release of Yours Truly, their debut full-length. Not only are the sextet capable of creating moving original content, but they can also have fun and cover some of the top artists of today and put their own unique spin on it. The band’s single “Sanctuary” is an uplifting anthem for those who need that extra push and reassurance that life is going to be okay. Despite the slightly preachy lyrics in the song, Paradise Fears do so in a way that lets those with other beliefs know that they’re still part of something greater. Give Paradise Fears a listen for some uplifting, relatable pop rock.



DJ Prime has certainly made his way through the state of New Jersey. Between DJing on the radio (including NYC’s 103.5 KTU), opening for some of the biggest acts in pop music and performing at nightclubs, Prime knows how to get around. The veteran spin master, who scores originality points for never playing the same set over, is now out on the road expanding his artistic talents.



Forming in 2009, Seahaven made their mark straight out of the gate, and it’s clear why. The California quartet take a mix of Brand New and Title Fight and create a sound that captivates the listener from the start. Their seven-track album, Ghost, is just about as haunting as the release’s title. The follow-up, Winter Forever, is just as chilling as the season itself. While it debuted in late 2011, Winter Forever hasn’t lost any of its first listen shine. After Skate And Surf, Seahaven will continue touring with Transit as part of their spring Young New England tour.


Sworn In

While their obscure website might be off-putting to some, this heavy band from Grayslake, Illinois, have made quite a name for themselves. After landing spots on top bills such as Today’s Mixtape Festival, The Jamboree Music Festival and the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, it’s clear that this band is something special. Sworn In separate themselves from other hardcore bands with their cleaner, audible vocals, especially in their single “Three Cheers.” The group is about to hit the road with For The Fallen Dreams, Hundredth, Gideon and more.


T. Mills

T. Mills will be performing on both Saturday and Sunday before continuing on his current tour with the likes of Mod Son, Devin Miles and Choo Jackson. He’ll even be performing at Z104’s popular Shaggfest 2013 down in Virginia Beach this June. The California native recently released his latest single, “Loud,” off of his upcoming major label debut. It’d be a wise move to catch both of his performances before he heads back out on the road.



Tampa, Florida’s Tallhart have won over the hearts of music lovers and musicians alike, including Say Anything’s Max Bemis. The group recently wrapped up a tour where they performed alongside of Into It. Over It. A little over a year ago, Tallhart released the follow-up EP to their full-length, Sister Of Mine. Bloodlines is a smooth yet crisp release that pairs the band’s mellower numbers with a slightly more energetic and youthful feel. Find out what all the fuss surrounding Tallhart is about when they hit the stage.



Transit have unleashed their fourth studio album, Young New England, and have begun touring to support it. The CD is the band’s first full-length since 2011’s Listen & Forgive. Formed in 2006, Transit have come a long way between joining forces with Man Overboard for a split to playing Warped Tour 2012. Their energetic indie pop with a taste of post-hardcore creates a vibe that never gets old, and it’ll be interesting to see where the fairly seasoned band goes from here.


Tyler Carter

Tyler Carter is a man with many masks. From performing in Woe, Is Me, Issues and now his solo career, Carter doesn’t show signs of slowing down. In addition to preparing for Warped Tour, Carter is set to release his debut EP, Leave Your Love, which will contain four tracks. A release date has yet to be confirmed, however. The musician has been releasing new music slowly, promising that his latest effort will be unveiled soon.


Wolves At The Gate

Much like the animal in their name, Wolves At The Gate keep their loyalty to their fans through the ability to produce quality music. Captors, Wolves At The Gate’s debut album, is a complete step up from their EP, We Are The Ones. On top of that, the Ohio quintet will be hitting the road with For The Fallen Dreams, Hundredth, Upon This Dawning and Sworn In, and will be playing various music festivals across the U.S. Mixed in with their harder elements, Wolves At The Gate can tone it down a bit; take the beginning of “Slaves,” for example. Join the pact and make sure you see Wolves At The Gate.


World’s Fair

World’s Fair are a Queens-based rap group made up of seven members. Despite not having a very large presence on the internet, the band has broken boundaries and possesses a pretty loyal fanbase. With such a large group, World’s Fair are a force to be reckoned with. Prince SAMO recently put out a collaboration with World’s Fair member Remy Banks along with Mr. MFN eXquire and Goldie Glo titled “Flowers,” which features the four artists spitting verses over what sounds like a Game Boy on its last leg.


Mayday Parade

And the moment many fans were waiting for. On the flyer announcing Skate And Surf, “The Bob’s Special Guest” left folks wondering who it might be. Well, this year, it’s none other than Mayday Parade! The band has been working on their fourth studio album, which is said to have a fall release date. Not too long ago, the quintet embarked on a tour with All Time Low, Pierce The Veil and You And Me At Six, and will be performing in the Philippines at this year’s Circuit Fest. 2013 has clearly started on the right foot for Mayday Parade.