The Ultimate Guide To Skate And Surf 2013 – Sunday, May 19

It’s been many years since New Jersey has seen Skate And Surf arise. The festival, which brought on the creation of Bamboozle, is back and better than ever. On May 18 and 19, Six Flags Great Adventure will be buzzing with fans and musicians alike for the event, which will be taking place at the amusement park’s festival grounds. Nothing spells out a good time like roller coasters and music! Here’s your play-by-play guide of who is playing what day, what’s new with your favorite artists, and the 411 on some acts that you may not know about. To purchase tickets and see additional information, go to

A Day To Remember

Florida’s A Day To Remember recently finished recording their next album, Common Courtesy, as well as just about wrapping up their U.S. tour before heading overseas. Common Courtesy will be the group’s first CD since 2010, and the five-piece have been playing a track from it, “Right Back At It Again,” at shows on their tour of the same name. Other bands who participated on the tour included Of Mice & Men, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and Issues. A Day To Remember have been winning over fans with their cross-genre sound, making it hard to pinpoint a specific label on them. Between their entertaining breakdowns and slightly more vulnerable side in songs like “If It Means A Lot To You,” A Day To Remember bring a little something to the table for everyone. Don’t miss your last chance to see them before they take off for Europe.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Up-and-comers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made a splash with their song “Thrift Shop,” but that was just the tip of the iceberg for this Seattle duo. Shortly thereafter, they released “Same Love” to show support for marriage equality. Both tracks and the release of Macklemore’s first full-length since 2005, The Heist, have launched the pair into the spotlight, making it nearly impossible to escape from their well-crafted hip-hop. Instead of confining themselves in the box that most hip-hop artists do today, Macklemore and Lewis take on topical issues but carefully execute their message in a way that’s not too over-the-top. Already seeping with talent, it seems that the only place for the duo to go from here is up.



Since their formation, Glassjaw have been a staple in the underground music scene and influential in the post-hardcore world as well. The inconsistency of their lineup didn’t hinder the band’s growth; in fact, it almost fueled it in a way. Their live shows also contributed to the group’s rise in the late ‘90s/early 2000s. In 2011, they released two EPs: Our Color Green (The Singles) and Coloring Book. Glassjaw performed at New York’s Irving Plaza last year to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their second full-length, Worship And Tribute, and a second performance was eventually added as well. Glassjaw aren’t an act to miss.


RX Bandits

RX Bandits’ hiatus is over! In 2011, the group announced that they would be going on their last tour, but in 2012, went on a small excursion in Brazil. Another influential band to the music circuit, RX Bandits have recorded nine albums, and have been featured on various compilations and tours. Their last disc, Live At Park Ave., came out in 2010. Despite not playing together as much as they once did, the members of RX Bandits certainly weren’t letting their talents go to waste; many members appeared in other projects throughout the years, keeping their skills sharp and ready for their return.



Bayside are certainly not new when it comes to the festival circuit. The Queens band finished a tour this fall with fellow New Yorkers Taking Back Sunday, which celebrated the 10-year anniversary of TBS’ Tell All Your Friends. Bayside released an EP, Covers, Vol. 1, last October. The last original studio album the band came out with was 2011’s Killing Time, which essentially took them to the next level. The band is currently on the road with Alkaline Trio.


Saves The Day

New Jersey’s Saves The Day have been working hard on a new release slated for an early July release date. As the band has been recording Daybreak, they’ve been posting videos to their YouTube page to make fans feel like they’re part of the process. Furthermore, Saves The Day have launched a campaign on PledgeMusic to raise money for the disc. Much like Kickstarter, PledgeMusic lets fans choose how much they want to donate and in turn, will receive a certain reward depending on the tier chosen. Some prizes include a signed copy of the new CD or even the more outlandish full band house show. Save the day and make sure you see them at Skate And Surf!



Simply described as “loud” on their Facebook page, Beartooth are as ferocious as they sound. Founded by former Attack Attack! vocalist Caleb Shomo, Beartooth began as a sort of a tongue-in-cheek act. Still, the band released their first single, “I Have A Problem,” in late 2012, which was followed up by “Set Me On Fire” and “Pick Your Poison.” They’re currently on the road, playing both established venues and house shows alike. With a habit of smashing things, it may not be too long until Beartooth start breaking records.


Breathe Carolina

Dancey, slightly bubbly and energetic, Breathe Carolina’s signature sound is what shined the spotlight onto them. The band recently announced that they were heading back into the studio to record the follow-up to 2011’s Hell Is What You Make It, Savages. Compared to their previous work, this one has more of a party vibe, and isn’t as rough as some of their other material. The re-issue of the disc even features a new song as well as a remix. A few months after their stint at Skate And Surf, the dynamic duo will be heading to Brazil for the Next Generation Fest to perform with All Time Low, There For Tomorrow and many more.


Capture The Crown

All the way from the land Down Under is Capture The Crown. The five-piece from Sydney, Australia, have been making waves here in the States after touring with Woe, Is Me, Our Last Night and Secrets. The Aussie group has one full-length album out, ‘Til Death, and have done a very “different” cover of Jason Derulo’s “In My Head.” Starting this May, the band will be embarking on a tour with Crown The Empire, Palisades, Hearist and Famous Last Words, as well as jumping on The All Stars Tour sometime in July.



The pop punk band Cartel have currently embarked on a tour with fellow punkers New Found Glory in addition to playing shows with Fireworks and State Champs. They’ve been celebrating and supporting the release of their fourth studio album, Collider. An odd fact about the titles of the group’s CDs: They all begin with the letter ‘C’. With various tours lined up, Cartel will certainly have one busy summer. They’re constantly creating music, and there’s no sign of them slowing down anytime soon.



With their mixture of rap and rock, Dangerkids bring a fresh breeze to the music circuit. While they’re presently on the Back In Action tour with Attack Attack!, The Plot In You, Get Scared and Closer To Closure, the quintet are anticipating the release of their debut album, which will be out on Rise this summer. Dangerkids’ sound is similar to other post-hardcore bands, though there is a certain poetic element to their music—especially with the rap elements to their lyrics—that makes them stand out among the rest.



Doylestown, PA’s Daylight have a post-rock, garage, grunge feel, all while keeping their sound in the modern age. Their recently released debut album, Jar, moves a bit slow at first, but “Sheltered” picks it up. The quartet recently wrapped up a tour of Canada and will be back in the U.S. shortly. Daylight bring together the best of vocal variations, as bursting screams, sweet whispers and deep brash tones all appear on Jar. Compared to their previous EPs—Sinking, Dispirit and The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams—this is the disc that’s going to get Daylight the recognition they deserve.


For All Those Sleeping

Wake up and open your eyes and ears to For All Those Sleeping. The Minnesota-based five-piece are touring in support of their sophomore album, Outspoken. Skate And Surf will be the last chance to see them until July, as they’ll be touring across the U.S. as part of The All Star Tour featuring Every Time I Die, Veil Of Maya and Chelsea Grin. Hits like “Follow My Voice” show just what this group can do. For a serious wake up, check out For All Those Sleeping.



Gideon’s name is fitting. After all, the translation of it means “destroyer,” or “mighty warrior,” and that’s the feeling one gets after listening to their music. Milestone, the band’s follow-up to 2011’s Costs, has received many positive reviews thus far. Like other acts playing at this festival, Gideon will also be hitting the road for the Some Things Never Change tour alongside For The Fallen Dreams, Hundredth and more. The Facedown Records artist has shown growth not only instrumentally, but lyrically as well, as Milestone has some of the rawest words one may hear this year.


Hollywood Ending

After coming together through Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing contest, Hollywood Ending’s fanbase has grown substantially. Coming together from various points along the East Coast, the young trio’s pop sound is just in time for the warm weather and the onset of summer. Hollywood Ending just released a new single, “You,” which can be streamed on their YouTube page. Their music can commonly be heard on Radio Disney. Hollywood Ending are currently on tour and will be performing with Sandlot Heroes later on this month.


Hostage Calm

Connecticut’s Hostage Calm tell their story about growing up in the world today in their latest release, Please Remain Calm. Filled with love, heartache and the decline of the ability to live the American Dream, the punk five-piece’s 10-track disc ropes the listener in with quick and smart riffs. Hostage Calm have created an album that is relatable on many levels, one that will get a rise out of the listener. The strong, anthemic choruses matched with the springy guitar melodies make Please Remain Calm a CD that doesn’t tire easily. The band will continue touring after the festival, so if you like what you hear, check them out again at one of their other shows!


I Am King

After recently signing to Velocity/Rise, I Am King just keep showing the world that a little hard work does pay off. Although they’re making great strides, there is much anticipation around their debut full-length that still doesn’t have a release date. I Am King recently went on tour with For All I Am and Ice Nine Kills. Last year, the six-piece put out their self-titled EP, which is full of genuine lyrics and powerful instrumentals. Keep an eye out for this Pennsylvania band because if their CD is as good as their EP, they will go far.


Ice Nine Kills

After making some changes, Ice Nine Kills are precisely the band you want to see live. The Massachusetts-based quintet have released two albums and three EPs to date, including their latest self-released endeavor, The Predator. Swapping their pop punk meets ska meets post-hardcore for a more experimental sound, Ice Nine Kills stand out with their use of strings—such as in “The People Under The Stairs”—to build suspense to their melodic hardcore. After the recent Boston bombings, the group decided to donate all the proceeds made from their new song, “The Product Of Hate,” to the victims of the tragedy. You can also catch Ice Nine Kills on this year’s Vans Warped Tour.



In addition to performing solo, Tyler Carter will be playing with the band Issues. With crisp breakdowns and strong lyrical content, Issues’ debut EP, Black Diamonds, sets the tempo in which Issues will be heading in. They’re currently working on another EP, Diamond Dreams, which will contain new material as well as reworked old ones off the previous disc. The title-track off of Diamond Dreams has a smoother and much more sultry feel than other songs in Issues’ catalogue. The group will be taking part in the Warped Tour this summer.



Former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero takes the role of frontman in LeATHERMOUTH, and boy is it a bit different from what fans of the now-defunct alternative band used to play. The harder, thrasher and shocking quintet currently have one album, XO, which came out in 2009 via Epitaph. There’s something cathartic about listening to the CD, and it’s likely attributed to the fact that the group is pure, unfiltered energy, with emotion just seeping out from the pores. Have a lot of pent up anger that needs to find a place to go? Check out LeATHERMOUTH—you won’t be disappointed.


Miss May I

Providing a positive message and making their fans happy has always been the goal for Miss May I. The thrashcore group currently has three studio albums to date, with the last one being 2012’s At Heart. 2013 has Miss May I busier than ever, as they’ll be touring with Killswitch Engage momentarily. Levi Benton’s screams provide the punch in the lyrics while Ryan Neff’s clean vocals provide that bit of calmness. Together, the two vocalists create something that is like sandpaper; smooth on one side, and harsh on the other.


Mod Sun

Cheerful and smooth yet providing a feel-good vibe, Mod Sun blends together the carefree feelings of the hippie era into a hip-hop mix that is described on the artist’s Facebook page as “Hippy-hop.” Mod Sun is no stranger to the music scene; however, given his current genre of music, it’s hard to believe that he was once the drummer of Scary Kids Scaring Kids. Need a feel-good moment or a reason to smile and just enjoy life? Check out Mod Sun, as his Happy As Fuck EP will indeed make you jolly. With breezy beats and pro-hug life stance, it’s not hard to fall for this artist.


My Ticket Home

My Ticket Home’s To Create A Cure is a punch straight to the gut from the moment it starts. Shredding riffs, curdling screams and a mess of breakdowns sets them apart as one of the harder bands on this lineup. Even their cleaner vocals have a rougher vibe to them than most other bands. Who knows what the rest of 2013 holds for the quartet? All that’s for certain is that My Ticket Home aren’t a band to miss, and will be your ticket to a thrashing good time that you want to see.



New Jersey’s Palisades have made quite the impact on the music world. After gaining popularity on the internet and catching the attention of Rise, the label decided to sign and release the band’s EP, I’m Not Dying Today, as well as their future debut full-length, Outcasts. After a long wait, Outcasts is finally ready to be released, and is slated to come out on May 21. Since making such a splash, the group has toured with other labelmates and will be playing a few shows with Crown The Empire later this month. Palisades are another example of a New Jersey success story, and proof that anything is possible. If you haven’t jumped on the Palisades bandwagon yet, get on it!


The Pro Letarians

The duo that make up The Pro Letarians have made a name for themselves through their skillfully mixed tracks that samples music from other popular and recognizable artists to embellish the talent that they already have. Jupiter Jim’s lyrics have a sense of maturity that most young artists are lacking today, while JO’s production keeps things moving and fresh. Their latest mixtape, Not All Of Me Shall Die, is a 12-track disc that showcases just what the young duo are capable of. Songs like “The Way I Feel” and “Now Or Never” will hook you on The Pro Letarians.


Skip The Foreplay

Montreal-based Skip The Foreplay combine dubstep, house and shrill breakdowns to create a sound that the band has dubbed “party core.” The six-piece recently released their Epitaph debut, Nightlife, which contains 13 tracks including a cover of LMFAO’s “Champagne Showers.” The trance touch in their music makes for a break from their post-hardcore sound and adds some spice to it, making the sextet more versatile than some other acts out there. This is the time to get on board with Skip The Foreplay, as this band doesn’t tease; they simply deliver and then some to make sure everyone is having a good time.


State Champs

After the release of their 7”, Overslept, and signing to Pure Noise, Albany’s State Champs have had a busy couple of months. The quintet have been on the road for some time and will be continuing playing shows alongside groups like Cartel, New Found Glory and more. Their energetic, feel-good, pop punk sound can be compared to some of the bands they’ve been touring with. State Champs aren’t an act to miss, as they’ll have you hooked with songs like “The Record” and “Critical.”


This Good Robot

Long Island’s This Good Robot have an eccentric sound that ultimately brings sci-fi and rock together in a way that doesn’t make them sound super nerdy. With what ended up turning into a full band from a side-project of Michael Ragosta (formerly of Patent Pending) has become a witty six-piece that stands out in the best way possible. Their latest release, The Human I Am, has a variety of sounds on it from fun indie pop to some theatrics and even some post-hardcore elements. With such variety, it’s clear that This Good Robot aren’t going to be obsolete anytime soon.


Gregory Schwartz

Gregory Schwartz sets poetic lyrics over jam band-like instrumentals to create an experience within itself. Schwartz’s flow in “:Empirical:: (delicate crossing)” works more like an engaging narrative over poetry being read and contains captivating pacing and tones. As a performer and writer, it seems that Schwartz really gets down to the core and works on creating art that is relatable to all people yet still holds true to himself. Schwartz’s writing and performing has motivating qualities that can help one relax, escape from reality for a bit and bring a sense of peace. Need some of that at Skate And Surf this year? Gregory Schwartz is your guy for the job.


Brooklyn Rocksteady

Directed by Samuel Gurksy, Brooklyn Rocksteady documents the regeneration of the New York ska and reggae scene. Come watch history unfold into the present day with this documentary—which will be screened both days—and see just how far this legendary and favorite genre has expanded in the Tri-State Area from the early ‘80s until today. Don’t miss out on the premiere of Brooklyn Rocksteady and on the chance to feel like you were there back when the rocksteady community just started growing. With showings for a Manhattan and Brooklyn premiere date still unannounced, this will be your first chance to get a glimpse of this documentary.