Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Lovelectric

We meet again my local music lovers. This week I am going to dedicate my article to a band on the rise from New Jersey that has great drive and determination. Although they may not play my favorite genre of music, that doesn’t matter one iota. I like to spotlight groups that live, sleep, and breathe music as their way of survival and escape. After all, I could never hate on any musician. Anyway, if you’re looking for enjoyable music with catchy hooks, gifted performers and vocalists who can actually sing well, this is an act you need to check out. I never want to be one of those people that unwillingly push music on others, but simply bring talent to the limelight where I can assist. Allow me to introduce to you, Lovelectric.

I was introduced to these guys a few years back as a different group, The Doug Rockwell Band. Well, to some of them at least. With lineup changes, a brand spanking new name and image, a fresh group was formed: Lovelectric. They were recently one of the bands I coached during The Break Contest competition, and they really impressed me. They got to play the Skate & Surf Festival, deservingly so. Having only been an act since November 2012, they already have a great EP under their belts, An Ovation For Innovation.

The boys and I would both describe them as power pop-rock. Although my tastes have somewhat shifted away from pop punk into other styles as I’ve grown older—older, not old—I still find myself back into the genre every now and then when I find something worth indulging into. Upon first listen of their EP, I created a picture in my mind that their music is, for lack of a better word, really fun. No real tearjerkers on here, but great for the times when you just want to listen to something light to lend a hand in picking up your day. It’s basically firmed with catchy melodies that will stay in your head whether you want them to or not.

When you hear their recordings, fans of harder music may see them as airing too much angst to be appreciated by an older audience, but it’s actually the complete opposite. They have a found a way to create their own musical personality that is actually very dissimilar from that pervading most of the youth pop-rock industry at the moment. What I mean by this is they don’t bleed originality, yet still somehow manage to really stand out. Their track “My Own Road” almost sums up this theory I am creating. Maybe the reason is that they’re actually really talented musicians, as I sit here holding out any bashing of other famous groups. In fact, in my personal opinion, they are far better than many bands in this genre that people across the world seem to glorify. To put it simply, groups can sometimes get molded into that description of teenage hysteria, trying their hardest to make a mark on a world that will forget them in a minute or two. Lovelectric, however, definitely have more than a minute to try. It may not be your thing, but they have a high upside. Many say the style has been done before, but it’s still nice to hear some pop-rock that isn’t played obsessively over the radio.

When I first saw them live, it was almost like they were forcing me to fall in love, and I was more than willing to fall. With an even balance of jaded heartbreak and love-filled riffs, Doug Rockwell’s vocals really shine on stage. The vocals are somewhat pitch-perfect as is the instrument tuning, making the chords more emotive. Their intrepidly catchy dance hooks and lyrics flawlessly capture what it feels like to be a teenager in today’s culture. Although there were a lot of young girls swooning, it’s far from bubblegum; it’s modern, funky, danceable, and sexy. Honestly, it can’t be healthy to be that angry and bitter guy all the time, so if Rockwell wants to drone melancholy love songs, I’m good with that.

If you wanted to throw them into the comparable lion’s den, they would maybe get tagged with bands like The White Tie Affair, Cartel, Boys Like Girls, and more. You want to know what they do really well? They have managed to put out an enjoyable set of songs that may just crossover into guilty pleasure territory for many of you. Watching people sing along to their tracks put a huge smile on my face, for they know how to get a crowd moving. They completely owned the Encore Event Center in Freehold, and even if you hadn’t gone there to see them, you left their knowing who they were. The single “Battle Scars” really gets the girls crazy; keep that in mind so you know where to stand at their show. After all, each and every one of us still has youth inside somewhere. The live set is just as good as their recordings, if not better, which always leaves an impression in my book.

Lovelectric have announced a ton of show dates, have new music in the works, and are really getting the wheels turning in their careers. I think their formula for success is somewhat simple; they aren’t redrafting the pop-rock rulebook, if there is one, by stuffing their record with theatrical filler innovation or reflective individual revelations. What they are doing is providing anthems intended for sunny days at the beach, driving around in your car talking about that sound you can’t get out of your head, and possibly playing a song when you break up with your boyfriend. Plain and simple, they do it really freaking well. Make An Ovation For Innovation part of your summer playlist. Until next week, my friends, where I spotlight some more talent that I think you should all know about, keep embracing the music scene that New Jersey has to offer. After all, bands can’t play to themselves.