Leroy Justice: Above The Weather

Leroy Justice are a rock quintet from New York City. They released their latest album, Above The Weather, back in April. With the use of an organ, lead and rhythm guitars, as well as bass and drums, they were able to create 10 brilliant compositions filled with beautiful melodies. These melodies were typically conveyed through immaculate guitar playing. The fretwork on both lead and rhythm guitars on “Heroine” are superb. Clean chords are strummed in the background, laying the foundation for the incredibly melodic solo to soar above the rest of the instruments. There is a chemistry between the guitarists that continues to impress on “Blue Eyed Blues.” Each riff and chord leads into the next, resulting in a tune that consists of various sections that flow well together.

“Before I Die” is an eight-and-a-half-minute track that follows this same format. Drum fills, along with the alternation between lead and rhythm guitars, bring about the changes in the song. The bass and catchy drumbeats lie in the background of the track as it builds up, allowing the lead guitar to let loose as it breaks out into an incredible solo. This chemistry between the members can also be heard on “A New Island” and “Watch Him Fall,” the latter of which features fantastic vocal harmonies. Vocals kick off both “Row Boat” and the opening track “Up On The Mountain” before it explodes into a wall of sound. They continue to impress on the relaxing “So Long,” which also has great organ parts. “Two Trees” and “Worry” alternate between relaxing chords and heavy riffs.

This is a very solid album that shows the technical prowess of Leroy Justice. Their chemistry allows for five individuals to create one distinct sound—one that leaves you wanting more and more.

In A Word: Remarkable