Old Gods: Stylized Violence

Detroit-based punk outfit Old Gods have recently debuted the first single, “Slaughtered Vomit Doll,” off of their 2013 full-length, Stylized Violence. Screaming vocals open the song and are a staple throughout, as a blunt, heavy riff sets the tone for the track. The speedy number is a fusion of the qualities of metal and punk sounds. Each song on the album is a quick ride, the longest at only around two and a half minutes total. There is a definite cohesive feel and aggression binding the individual pieces together within Stylized Violence.

On “Lament Configuration,” the band goes for a more traditional punk rock sound with actual singing vocal elements with a rough-and-tumble chorus of “I feel the pressure.” The drums beat quickly, making the listener want to tap a foot along with them. The main riff in this song is very much akin to the signature guitar styles of Every Time I Die, a group in which this bunch seem to take after quite a bit. The sixth number, “Portrait Of The Artist,” begins with lyrics uttered creepily over a slow-building riff that leans more in the metal direction. The chords of this cut progress into something with much more weight and force, creating a slow shredder that is a needed break from the average pace of the album.

“Rumble Fish,” one of the shortest songs on the record, is also one of the fastest musically. At its helm is a pronounced riff that climbs the scales as if it has something to prove. It’s almost as if this band wanted to show how fast their guitarist could play because the speed on this cut is a testament to that. Old Gods seem to be working toward a nonstop, heavy-hitting sound. Stylized Violence encapsulates their aggression, focus, and way with words.

In A Word: Pointed