Midnight Faces: Fornication

Midnight Faces’ debut album, Fornication, is mellow and eccentric. The title-track is smooth and swanky, and while it doesn’t put one in the mood for fornicating, it does set the mood for an album with great potential. Fornication has thought provoking and emotive lyrics backed behind mystical beats and charms. The disc has a slight Coldplay feel to it; however, they hold their own aspirations. “Feel This Way” has a safari jungle sound with its warm riffs and congo percussion. Although Midnight Faces’ instrumentation is top-notch, the lyrics are what really stand out. If you’re not impressed by the smooth, chillwave vibes on this release, at least stay for the lyrics.

“Give In Give Out” stands out among the rest with its extensive percussion section about halfway through the song. The number is almost overwhelming but ends at just the right moment to keep the listener from having to take a step back. Despite being a fairly slow moving disc, Fornication picks up with the dancier “Kingdom Come.” Throughout the song, an early ‘90s club hit came to mind, and catchy synths and lulling “oohhs” bring “Kingdom Come” full circle. It’s hard not to feel a slight sense of sadness and loss throughout Fornication.

Despite being an album with several downers, Midnight Faces are a strong force to be put up against. “Now I’m Done” is a swift moving narrative that brightens up the album while remaining true to the fairly melancholy lyrical content of the release. In a way, Midnight Faces are one big walking contradiction that hooks into your skin and doesn’t let go. Even though Fornication isn’t chipper in the slightest, it’s a brilliant, shoegaze disc.

In A Word: Fantastic