Mr. Payday: It’s Payday!!!

Every garage and basement band dreams of creating something memorable and entertaining when they set out to make a record. Straight from a basement in New Brunswick, Mr. Payday attempted to do just that with their debut, It’s Payday!!!

It’s Payday!!! begins strong and gives you a good impression of what’s ahead on the opener “That’s The Way,” with keyboard player Caroline Feinman—also referred to by the band as C-Line—singing lead. The song introduces you to all the best elements of the band: gang vocals, a well-rehearsed rhythm section that includes balanced keyboard work, and lead guitar solos right at the peak that leave you hooked and hungry for more.

The album brings to mind a sense of nostalgia as you continue to be drawn in every minute spent listening. With songs like “Welcome To The System” and “All Over Again” that evoke memories of mid-‘90s rock ‘n’ roll, It’s Payday!!! may be anything but new in stylistic choice, but it makes up for it by being incredibly refreshing and easily listenable.

By the closing track, “All God’s Mistakes,” the band takes a sidestep from the bright and almost ironic take on themes like alcoholism and prison, and introduces a more melodic and melancholy side of their collective personality. While almost abrupt in that it appears out of place given the previous six tracks, the seven-minute wonder about losing your faith in God gives you an idea of the kind of depth they’re capable of.

It’s Payday!!! comes together so naturally that it’s hard not to get hooked. The four-piece rock group succeeded in creating a well-balanced and nostalgic record that’s far from the ordinary. A classic take on the old pop rock genre and memorable lyrics to match bring the album to life.

In A Word: Enjoyable