Reality Check: Readers’ Responses

Mr. Campion,

Your fight on this issue over the years has been inspiring. (DOWN GOES DOMA – Issue: 7/3/13) And this latest column had just the right amount of defiant ecstasy over the historic Supreme Court ruling that was way overdue. But there is still much to be done on civil rights in this country. There is an attack on women’s reproductive rights going on in the South and voter suppression in almost all the states. This is but one issue that needs to be addressed and I notice you don’t hit those as hard.

Also, I believe you have to be more involved on the ground. I happen to know that you often turn down speaking engagements and appearances at rallies or protests for marriage equality, and this is disappointing. You have pointed out in print in the past you feel that “taking it to the streets” is a waste of time and only clogs up movements, but how do you explain the original civil rights movement or the protests against the unjust Viet Nam War and even the latest TEA Party or Occupy Wall Street movements that produced press and put the onus on those causes? The TEA Party has all but taken over the majority of one of our political parties in this country and sent dozens of lawmakers to Capitol Hill.

To celebrate the legal ramifications of systemic bigotry is one thing, but it must be put in motion to challenge the now illegal activity of a vast majority of our states.

Having said all that, there has not been a more vociferous and challenging voice than yours for this just cause and for that I applaud you and only hope we can see you on the front lines.




Reality Check,

Thank you for standing tall on this most pressing issue to many of us. When people vote against the rights of another citizen, in many ways they are destroying the fabric of our founding fathers, who put in place watchdog measures for a future they would and could not imagine, even the groundwork to one day allow this country to abolish slavery and allow women the right to work and vote as equals with men. No one, and I mean no one, I have read outside the gay community or even the left wing political underground movement has had a more eloquent stance on same-sex marriage. This is a great victory for the gay community, America (whether it knows it or not) and progressive freethinkers everywhere.

Enjoy this. These victories sometimes come but once a lifetime. At least it seems like that for me. My voice, my individual voice, feels like it has been give volume; true, lasting, binding and American volume.

And so has yours.


—Daryl Raines



Congrats…I know this is big for you…I’m now 100 percent aligned with you on the termination of DOMA. (My thoughts on this issue have “evolved,” similar to Obama.)

Now, if we can just get the IRS to get rid of the marriage penalty…seems to me that married folk have the exact same argument vs. single.

—Don Brown

Well said. And at the same time, I just wish the Supreme Court had the decency and courtesy to uphold the Constitution and protect us from Obamacare.


—Elizabeth Vengen Esq.


This just proves there is no compromise on the left. The left in this nation knows they are at war with the traditional fabric of this nation. There can be no compromise, only victory. Marriage did in fact mean something. Now we change definitions and meanings to meet the political movement of the day. The left wants gays to be called married so they get the media and Hollywood hard to work at influencing opinion and almost 40 years after Tom Hanks worked in drag we now have “equality.” It seems the only people still allowed to be offended are Christian conservatives. Why wasn’t civil union good enough? It gave gays all the property rights, tax benefits and estate transfer remedies they sought. Why wasn’t that good enough? It wasn’t good enough because it didn’t give them what they wanted while slicing another tear into the traditional American fabric.

As for your short argument, it is another wrong argument. When I was in the service, I wanted to be one of the President’s 100. These soldiers are better known as Tomb Guards. Yes, I wanted to be a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Well, after clearing all of my schools, I inquired only to find out that the minimum height for this job was 5’8”. So under the left’s belief I should sue instead of do what I did which is respect the tradition as it is greater than myself and remain in the 101st Airborne Division.

I finally figured out how the left continually wins. They are more fired up yet patient than the right. The American left understands the long game and can wait us out and then push on when we tire of the fight.

I still question where does it end? What will be the last fabric to shred and send this Republic tumbling to the ash heap of history?



—Bill Roberts

I assume you are a homosexual, and if so, why is it that you must impose your lifestyle on the rest of us, or more to the point, the majority of America? It is an unnatural sinful lifestyle and like any crime, one against nature and against the moral parameters of any society, it should be shunned. Of course, you may live the life you wish, as long as you don’t harm anyone like the Catholic priests who hide behind the altar to attack children. It is horrifying to even think of it. But to push it on the people of this nation, who have built it on Judeo-Christian values, is wrong. I am sorry if you think I am a bigot, or label me one in this disgusting column of yours, but this is how I feel. And I have every right to voice it as you do.

You are wrong about this and you should be ashamed for your words and your deeds and your personal life that has heaved on us through your confessions here.




The moral fabric of this nation dies a little every time judges try and overturn the will of the people and the will of the people is that marriage is sanctified between a man and woman and nothing can change that. Ever.


—Rebecca S.



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