Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Those Modern Cavemen

My local friends, Wednesday is once again upon us. I must say, many amazing things have been happening in the scene lately. Just to name a few, The Front Bottoms were added to tour with Manchester Orchestra, Brick + Mortar played The Made In America Festival, and Lost In Society were asked to open for Taking Back Sunday. Well, this just goes to show that hard work does pay off, and local bands are killing it right now! Keep up the good work and earning your way to success, DIY style.

Speaking of groups doing things on their own, this week I am going to spotlight an act that is brand spanking new on the scene, whose name may be enough to convince you to check out their tunes. Don’t feel out of the loop if you haven’t heard of Those Modern Cavemen yet, for they are just starting to get their feet wet in the mass body of the local music scene. They’re fun, catchy, and open-minded. When one of their songs gets stuck in my head forever and a day, it’s more than welcome to stay there. They are a terrific group of guys, who make some pretty rad music together.

Those Modern Cavemen are a three-piece rock outfit from Wall Township, New Jersey. Just to provide a brief background, these guys were friends before they became bandmates, which I always find to be an important asset. They all have done different side projects and have a broad, eclectic taste in music and style, combining it all together for a solidified sound. Josh, Dan and Nick each bring an important element to the table, and their individual influences shine through.

What could I say about this band to describe their sound? Well, it doesn’t matter what genre you want to stick them in, as I don’t think they would even care. Their tracks transcend classification. I think it’s safe to say that the style has the capability to touch a chord in anyone. There is no lull in the sound anywhere; every note and drum beat fits perfectly where it is, and the lyrical content is thoroughly enjoyable. I think they have a blend of a little old school and a lot of new school, which in contrary could foreshadow the definition of the name; modern is present, and cavemen are from the past. So, are you convinced yet? Let me try to make this entrée a little more appetizing for you.

Being fairly new to the scene, they are gradually building up their fanbase by playing live shows and recording new material. The first track I heard of theirs was “Quicksand,” and it really had me hooked. Lead vocalist Dan has a very unique tone to his voice that could easily be compared to a few other frontmen without it being duplicated or replicated. His voice is very soothing yet could be thrown in the mix with the best of the radio-friendly sounds. Josh’s drumming is extremely strong on every track, and Nick’s bass completes the triangle. The bass is resounding but not too heavy, and the guitar is well balanced. I then embarked on the musical journey that is “Deaf And Blind,” and it’s one of my personal favorites as well. I love it live, which always means a lot. I also highly suggest “Gatekeeper” if you want your heart to pound with drums. Basically, their tracks are good for anywhere; the car, a party, you name it, for it will be a certain crowd pleaser.

Those Modern Cavemen recently released a brand new track entitled “Voila,” which has amazing studio quality and really puts them on the map. The boys told me that the song was recorded with producer Dave Ryan of Audio Pilot Studios and mastered by Jesse Cannon. I think what I like most about this standout single is that you won’t tend to get lost in the lyrics, as they are primarily light, fun, unique and cheery. Okay, so the songwriting may not necessarily be anything earth shattering or genre defying, but the way it’s delivered and presented makes it sound not only fresh, but remarkable. After all, I always say, who needs a star-studded collaboration and million-dollar production when you can turn three chords into an addictive song? Also, aside from the lyrics, the lead vocals blend effortlessly with the backing from Josh, making them stand out with a purer feel. I tend to find nowadays that a lot of rock bands can be more concerned with merging sounds and creating something heavy that may appeal to the listener as different without necessarily putting out music that they themselves enjoy. Trust me, I am not saying everyone, but many acts just want to make it with that commercial sound, which is fine, too. Here we have the perfect blend.

I feel that Those Modern Cavemen are a great band to add to your collection. They may not be seeking fame and glory, but they play for the love of the game, just like it should be. The real testament to their recorded tracks is their powerhouse and insanely fun live performances, which you should go out and see to believe. I look forward to hearing some more music from these guys, for I know it will be entertaining. Until then, enjoy listening. I’ll be back next week with another local act that has been getting my juices flowing. In the meantime, get your butt off the couch—when you are through reading this, of course—and find a venue to support.