Ten Ton Man: Ten Ton Man

The thematic and ardent sounds of Ten Ton Man’s self-titled debut album are best described as a return to the deep roots of Americana. Largely influenced by the music of Johnny Cash and inspired by the death of singer Paul Livornese’s father, the record presents familiarity in a unique and original way.

With gritty appeal augmented by a deep and rich baritone voice, Livornese opens the record with “Ditty,” beginning the story of redemption that enfolds Ten Ton Man. One of the defining elements of this song and many others on the album—including “Never Know” and “Carry It”—is that they’re based on real stories from his life, making them all the more three-dimensional and personal to the touch.

Throughout the album we get a taste of both dark and light themes as stories of guilt, death, shame and anger are coupled with those of redemption and acceptance. The album is seasoned with raw emotionality that’s easily relatable and presents it beautifully in true Americana. All the way to the last track “Fall Down,” the release gives you everything you bargained for and more with one final sweep of lightheartedness and encouragement to fasten it all together.

A home-run hit is what you can expect from Ten Ton Man. The trio blends their music together with archetypal Americana vocals, a multitude of electric guitar effects providing variation track to track, a subtle upright bass to hold the bottom end securely and anchor the group, and the drumming of Paul Triff, who keeps the whole thing running naturally like a well-oiled machine. The bluesy, soul-filled record keeps giving, and is one that may have found its place as a timeless album.

In A Word: Compelling