Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Morningside Lane

Locals, we meet once again. Fall is in the air, bands are pumping out new hits, and shows are being announced almost every day; the locals are back in dominance. They are no strangers to the local scene and are steadily on their way. I must admit, it takes a lot for groups to get on my radar (no pun intended). Over the past few years, my tastes in music have branched out considerably, for I had to almost admit the fact that most of my new favorite bands were also my old favorites. I listen to everything from The Beatles and Foo Fighters to Lissie and John Mayer. There used to be a time when I would completely pass over certain genres, but I am glad to say the past is behind me. Out of musical desperation and claustrophobia, I dove into the local music era, which was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Fast-forward to today and it has completely overtaken my musical library, and I have no problem with that whatsoever. This week, I am going to talk about a band that has really been getting my juices flowing as of late and paint a complete picture to my support theory.

I was first turned on to Morningside Lane through their social media. I saw a lot of other bands that I am familiar with buzzing about them, so I figured I would indulge in the project myself. Just to clarify, I came into this situation completely off of impulse and word of mouth, for I virtually knew absolutely nothing about this band. Morningside Lane are based out of Jersey and categorize themselves as a “little bit of alt punk, with some rock and roll.” Each member brings something different and unique to the table, just like all groups should. When I listen to their parts individually, it’s easy to see that they all have different musical influences that they bring in.

After picking up a copy of their EP, Poets & Back To The Radio, I knew I was an instant fan. Leadoff track “Lower Voices” is anything but that. The loud lead vocals and standout guitars immediately got me out of my seat. I then proceeded to check out “Other Sons,” which completely changed the tempo, and it was almost as if I was listening to a whole other band but in the best way possible. I cannot stand albums where you can’t tell when one track ends and the next begins. You will see what I mean by this as you venture further into the EP, for all of the songs transition extremely well into each other. However, you could also blend them all into one to tell a story. Lead vocalist Marc has a blend of styles that is rare; I almost hear a little Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem in there (if he sang punk music, that is). Weird? Yeah, it might sound it to you as well, but it works.

After a few repeat spins, I took on the chanting anthem that is “Blood, Sweat & Tears.” This is the track where the singer hangs the microphone over the crowd at a show and every fist that is attached to a wrist immediately flies up in the air. I also think this song is my favorite because it’s a really fun listen, completed with almost instantly hum-able melodies that make it great. You should also experience “The Fallen,” as it’s high on my recommendation list. Each song on this release has an in-depth combination of not only good quality music, but also lyrics that blend together in a standout way. The title of this record alone will give you the best representation of it. I don’t want to compare this band to any other, but I do not think that they are completely trying to separate themselves from others. What I mean by this is they know what they want to play, and they know what they are good at, and they will stick to it, whether compared or not. Stick with it boys, you’re doing a great job.

Morningside Lane take me back to a younger, rebellious era, while putting me in a great state of mind at the same time. Damn, I mean, can there be anything better than a group that allows you to unleash your bitter teenage angst? If you are looking for an act that blurs together genres and ditches some as well, this is the ensemble for you. They recently announced a ton of fall show dates, so if they are in an area near you, be sure to go experience their greatness. I am lucky to say I have seen them live once, however, once is not enough. What can I say about their performance to convince you to attend yourself? Well, to sum it up for size, their set is basically everything an objective concertgoer should seek in a performance. It’s diverse, fun, and complex at times. It’s also fast, then slow, then melodic, louder, faster, and will leave you dancing, not alone. In addition, I love how they play with a bunch of eclectic, different style bands as well, for it opens the eyes and ears of the people in the crowd to experience new things.

Do yourself a favorite and check out Morningside Lane’s record, and spread the word to your friends. They will thank you later—trust me on that one. You can also get involved by signing up for their street team, mailing list, watching their YouTube videos, and following them on their socials. I’m uncertain when they are planning on releasing new music, but that does not matter, as I personally think that no matter what they do in their future and with their musical careers, they will hold their heads high on this release, knowing many will have enjoyed it. I will be back next week with another band of your liking, so keep sending me your suggestions and getting your voices heard!