Shoreworld: Gorgeous & Gory; Slim Chance & The Gamblers

Gallery 13 Goes Gory – Oct. 5

Gallery 13 has been home to many New Jersey artists over the last few years. From photographers to painters, Gallery 13 has taken the opportunity to host to some interesting subjects. Their intended goal is to provide a venue for artists that demonstrate amazing creative abilities and perceptions, in hopes of opening their presentations to a larger, general audience. From hardcore collectors to the general public, Gallery 13 strives to attract them all.

Their latest client, Gorgeous & Gory is probably one of their most controversial and intriguing to date. Gorgeous & Gory is the brainchild of the sardonically salacious Jess Rajs. Photographer, director, conceptual artist and columnist (she writes Dead Flesh, a zombie column in Rebel Ink Magazine), Rajs is the boss when it comes to all things Gorgeous & Gory.

As her bio states, “She’s the one that tells everyone what to do. She threatens to eat your brain if you don’t do what she says. If you ever see her at a convention she will probably bite you…or make you buy a picture of her butt. I mean, her butt is nice, so you should probably just buy the image. That way you won’t get bitten…probably.” That description got my attention pretty quick, but when I took a look at her team and what they’ve come up with, it gave new life to all things crawling (or walking really slow) in the world of the living dead.

Rajs works in conjunction with a gaggle of nine gore-influenced ghouls to create a different take on the current craze of flesh-craving cadavers. Her team is sound, and they range from graphic designers to models and makeup artists. The centerpiece of Gorgeous & Gory is their annual calendar that features some of the sexiest women in the world of putrification. This year’s edition is titled 2013 Zombie Mermaid Calendar, and it’s one of the more unique ideas of combining aquatic gore and sex appeal out there today. Featuring 13 ravishing corpses, the Zombie Mermaids roll out individual wares, drawing you into their horrific and beautiful life with each breath they take from you.

Jess tells me, “This is the fourth year we’ve been doing the Gorgeous & Gory calendar. 2014 has a motel motif, and it is definitely sexier and bloodier than ever before. We pride ourselves on impeccable styling, unique locations, and most importantly, achieving the perfect balance between glamorous and gruesome! This year, the calendar features some well-known alternative models such as the cover model, Mary-Leigh Maxwell, and competitive eating champion Maria Edible, as well as burlesque performers Scarlett Storm and Stephanie Anders, aka the Gruesome Twosome.”

The bizarre theme for Zombie Mermaids comes from their website. They tell of their search, a journey led by the cruel mistress of the sea. Their bio goes on to state, “And it was there, in her cold murky depths, where we met the voluptuously vicious zombie mermaids. The sultry sirens quickly had us hooked—in the good way.”

And I’d have to agree. All 13 models are drop-dead gorgeous and twistedly hot, dripping blood from black lips and ripped abdomens as eyes of lifeless, yellow diamond stare through your ensnared soul.

As I looked through the model pages, it was difficult to say which were my favorite flesh eaters, but I settled on Margie, Jessica, Sarah and Angelique. Their qualities of extra creepy sexiness clamped down on my carotid artery. But truth be told, there’s not a girl on the calendar that didn’t have me thinking about letting them bite into my fantasy-fueled brain.

Kudos goes out to makeup and special effects Svengalis Aileen “Margie” Maraschino, Jess Swarer, Jeanette Milo and Dylan Floody, who bring these models to life—I mean death—in a vividly vibrant and realistic darkness. Gorgeous & Gory have been lurking in the open for a few years now, and are welcome additions to our ongoing infatuation with all things walking dead.

The exhibit actually coincides with the NJ Zombie Walk, and you can get a “taste” of everything deliciously evil immediately following that slow, ambling shuffle through a town of potential dinner subjects.

Gorgeous & Gory would like to invite all of our readers to come sample their subjects on Saturday, Oct. 5, at Gallery 13. This is the opening reception of their photography exhibit where the dead shall be celebrated for their exquisite beauty. You’ll be able to get the first look at the 2014 calendar, and most importantly (for me at least), you’ll get to meet the models of Gorgeous & Gory. Calendars will be available for sale and the models will be there to take photos and sign autographs.

So come on down to Gallery 13 and partake in a night of brains, libations and musical vibrations with all the talented corpses of Gorgeous & Gory at Gallery 13.

Gallery 13 is located in The Shoppes at the Arcade on the upper level at 658 Cookman Avenue in beautiful dead town Asbury Park. The event is free and goes from 6 – 10 p.m.

For more information on Gorgeous & Gory, the deliciously dead Zombie Mermaids and the G&G team of talented artisans, head over to


Slim Chance & The Gamblers Double Down On The Big Apple – The Cutting Room – Oct. 5

Slim Chance & The Gamblers is a band that’s been featured here in Shoreworld over the last couple of years. During their relatively short time, they have raised the notability bar here in the Garden State. Paired with well-known rockers such as John Eddie, Marshall Tucker Band, Dave Mason and Southside Johnny, they’ve demonstrated excellent overall appeal to folks looking for old school, blue collar rock and roll.

But when you take a look at the combined experience, you can see the focus of what years on the road and time in the studio can do to expedite a great band. Slim Chance & The Gamblers is a large undertaking and consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Mario Casella, keyboardist/vocalist “Rockin’” Randy Ledet, guitarist Eric Greene, seven-string bassist/vocalist Jimmy Grant, drummers Steve “Night Train” Murphy and Johnny G. Reo, and Sandy Mack on harmonica/vocals. Together, this group creates a unique sound for both longtime fans and first-time listeners. Everyone walks away with something to remember.

The band takes the stage on Oct. 5 with the Mattison Avenue Hillbillies, an act that features longtime thematic performer Glen Burtnik. Slim Chance & The Gamblers fall into an interesting group of influential categories. It’s been said that their sound falls somewhere between The Black Keys, War and J. Geils, and in the blues realm, Joe Bonamassa, Bonnie Raitt and Delbert McClinton.

Event coordinator Marta Silecchia also tells of a transportation solution for those looking to take advantage of a hassle-free trip to the show. Their bus voyage is called “A Ticket To Ride,” and is a no-brainer when it comes to getting into New York, parking, and getting to the venue. Utilizing this method, fans receive all inclusion tickets from the ride to the rock show, and that’s the best way to see a NYC performance.

For more information on Slim Chance & The Gamblers, head over to and check out the Facebook event page over at