Claire: Broken Promise Land

Munich-based electronica band Claire has been rapidly gaining international attention since their formation at the beginning of 2012. The group was created almost accidentally, as they originally came together for one night to record a track for a friend’s film. Inspired by the session, producers Matthias Hauck, Nepomuk Heller and Florian Kiermaier recruited singer Josie-Claire Bürkle to front the project, as well as drummer Fridl for live shows. Soon they caught the attention of Astralwerks, who released their debut EP, Broken Promise Land, while they work on their full-length, The Great Escape.

“Games” is the first single off the disc, which sees Bürkle’s vocals accompanied by her male bandmates, giving balance to the melody. “Invincible” is the most energetic on the album, complete with an array of electronic riffs toward the latter half of the song before bringing back the chorus. The ever-changing patterns on drums make the track danceable, more so than others. The record closes neatly with “Set Out With Me,” which contains echoing harmonies and lighthearted, ringing keyboards.

While the five-track collection is catchy, it does not distinguish itself from the rest of electronica pop out at the moment. The soft, airy vocals and house-like synth beats are all too familiar; a trend that seems to be inescapable. This does not mean that Claire lack talent, however. They are decent musicians that have the potential to create engaging music and to break outside of the box rather than arranging themselves to fit perfectly inside. Here’s hoping the full-length is a little more daring.

In A Word: Dull