Enabler: Flies

Over the course of their four-year span as a band, the Milwaukee hardcore four-piece Enabler have put out more records than some artists who have been together for twice that amount of time. The latest in this series of releases is a six-song EP titled Flies, which is their first from The Compound, a label to which they recently signed. Flies is a follow-up to their last full-length, All Hail The Void, which came out last year.

The disc opens with the instrumental “Switch,” which is also the shortest, serving as a prelude to the rest of the album before bringing in the title-track, incorporating drum patterns reminiscent of old-school thrash that sets up the energy for the rest of the collection. This classic thrash influence is also apparent on “Meaningless Life,” especially during the first half, and also includes a guitar solo more metallic than some of the other pieces throughout the EP’s 14-minute span. “Sleep Forever” also stands out, especially as it progresses into a slightly distorted guitar solo toward the end of the track.

Enabler bring the collection to a close with a cover of Sepultura’s “Arise,” originally off their 1991 album of the same name. The cover is surprisingly tight, and singer/guitarist Jeff Lohrber’s gritty vocals give it a unique spin.

Flies delivers a punch, armed with bits of metal, hardcore, and punk. Enabler manage to find a way to mix all of these elements together and emerge with a perfected formula, making their music exciting and engaging.

In A Word: Stimulating