Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Madysin Hatter

My local friends, I hope you are enjoying the New Year! We are well on our way to a great year of local music and are stuffing our faces with talent that cannot be ignored. This week, I will be talking about a woman that goes by the name of Madysin Hatter and her bandmates. They are cool, collected, and doing things their own way.

Do you ever yearn for a time when music was more fun than anything else? Do you ever wish you could go back in time and experiment with sounds from the ‘70s and ‘80s, and find it somewhat acceptable to dress up like Poison while at shows? Well, I think I may have found your match to make all of your wildest fantasies come to life. I will be spinning Madysin’s tunes in the near future on my show, and you can also check her out on one of our sister stations, WDHA, where she did an exclusive performance! Buzz is really starting to come her way, and I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

Madysin Hatter, upon first glance, is a masterpiece. She’s got the image, the style, the look, and the energy that just exuberates superstardom. Not to judge a book by its cover, but even if I hadn’t heard a note this girl could hit, I would know she had rock star mentality. However, we cannot let this take away from her talent, so let us focus on what is really important here: the music. She is a rock chick, a songwriter, and the frontwoman of a band that has been dominating the New Jersey local music scene for quite some time. Her and her posse have an extensive resumé, having opened up for many noteworthy musicians including Dizzy Reed and Uli Jon Roth, just to name a few. Madysin has listed many of her influences as “‘70s hair rock” and has even cited Aerosmith to be among her favorite musicians.

I recently checked out Hatter’s EP, Pretty Little Fool, which can be found on iTunes, and was instantly hooked. I started with the single “Lightning Strikes Twice,” which is very anthemic. It almost takes you back to the ‘80s, when music seemed carefree, fun, and made you want to dance.

It’s that rock and roll feel that makes me want to throw on tights and tease my hair. Of course, like many of us, our musical interests have gone in several directions over recent years, but I still always take the time every so often to admire this time period and genre with its infectious beats, catchy tracks, undeniable spunk, and cut-throat innovation. “Lightning Strikes Twice” definitely shows the group’s fun side with catchy lyrics and supersonic speed. This track is simple by the numbers of hard rock, and we cannot sit here and say it’s “ahead of its time,” for it’s almost reinventing something that was once done before, but with its own, fresh, modern twist. The infectious enthusiasm may lead you down a party-hardy path, where songs are more of a threat for prime consideration. Put this one on in the summer on your next long drive down Ocean Avenue and see the heads turn. I also really love the title-track, “Pretty Little Fool.” Take a listen and you will see why.

After a few moments, I proceeded to listen to “Rocky Road,” which may be my favorite. It slows things down and really showcases Madysin’s vocal range. I’ve also noticed that when the lyrics are toned down into somewhat of a ballad, there is something extremely intriguing that I may not have noticed prior. It’s almost as if Madysin and the band are performing a romance novel, combining light-heartedness with heavy rock, creating a memory of a different time that seems much more interesting than the one we’re in now.

From the emails she sends me, Madysin is constantly on the grind, writing new tracks, booking gigs, and setting up interviews and performances. Aside from her ravishing good looks and super female dominance is her determination to continue a career in music. One of her latest singles, “Gypsy Rock,” could definitely be played across mainstream rock radio, for it’s fun, edgy, catchy, and addicting. She has such a distinct tone in her voice that if her song came on in a bar, I would immediately know it was her. I’d get to know this song sooner rather than later, for I have a feeling it may be on your playlist.

Madysin Hatter and the gang are constantly playing shows in the local area, and I am eagerly looking forward to catching one in the near future. I get the vibe from their recordings that their set is just as fun. I find Madysin to be a true local phenomenon that is well on her way to where she wants to be, whether it’s the Sunset Strip or the Jersey Shore. You can learn more about Madysin and her band at, or all over social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

I will be back next week with more local acts of your liking. In the meantime, you know the deal! If you’re in a local rock band and have good, quality music, send me your tunes. Not only do I want to play them on the radio, I want to write about it in my Local Radar and show the world what you are made of. Keep recording CDs, having release shows, going on tour, and booking shows with national acts!