Crushed Stars: Farewell Young Lovers

At the end of the 1990s, after deciding that there needed to be a delicate and melodic antidote to the loud grunge music of the time, Crushed Stars was formed. Led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Todd Gautreau, the band has released three previous albums, with the last being 2007’s Gossamer Days. Farewell Young Lovers was the first Crushed Stars record to be made with the help of Stuart Sikes, the Grammy-winning producer behind The White Stripes and Modest Mouse.

All the tracks consist of soothing melodies and almost indistinguishable yet poetic lyrics. They form a relaxing, fluid release, and are related by their detailed arrangement and daintiness. As the opener and only single, “Flowerbomb” has a smooth, post-punk kind of moody feel to it, and was inspired by the oxymoronic name of a perfume that a stranger was wearing. “Haters” is the most rock and roll song, as it contains droning guitars and, ironically, an almost grungy vibe. Crushed Stars definitely seem to prefer staying on the poppier side, though, as “Supernova” is the first tune out of four albums to contain an actual guitar solo.

Farewell Young Lovers was intended to be listened to as music, and not background noise in a bar or club. Gautreau put a lot of detectable effort into the melodies and composition of each track. The record is undeniably calming, as no song ever quite reaches the level of an energetic mess. However, when Crushed Stars do rock, intentionally or not, it is as pleasant sounding as their gentler music.

In A Word: Soothing