The Valery Trails: Buffalo Speedway

After riding the success of their 2012 debut, Ghosts And Gravity, indie rock band The Valery Trails recorded Buffalo Speedway. With ties to Houston, Brooklyn and Brisbane, the band has a unique sound. Their sophomore album was mastered by the minds behind Pavement, Animal Collective and Deerhunter, which could explain Buffalo Speedway‘s distinctively indie style.

The release opens with “Starsong,” a charming track reminiscent of Modern English’s perpetually-played new wave hit, “I Melt With You.” “Starsong” has a similar vibe, as well as the same smooth feel and easy-to-listen-to quality. “Children” slows the speed of the LP a little, adding a little mournfulness to the mix. “There Is Love” launches with a riff bringing to mind “We Got The Beat” by The Go-Gos, and turns into a song of hope. Closing the album is “Rise And Fall,” which ditches the fun background instrumentals in favor of boy-girl harmonies and profound lyricism.

While Buffalo Speedway could easily lend some tracks to become the soundtrack of a generation in a “1979”-ish kind of way, unfortunately, the cuts start to blur together in the middle. With the exception of some which break up the monotony of soothing indie rock, much of the music sounds incredibly similar. Despite this, The Valery Trails created an excellent record; it would not be out of place as the last song in a generation-defining movie or as part of the soundtrack to a nationwide movement.

In A Word: Fresh