Vensaire: Perdix

Vensaire are an interesting group that embodies captivating qualities of musicianship that often stray from the traditional characteristics of modern indie pop and folk artists. Incorporating varieties of eccentric instrumental elements into their avant-garde style, the band’s forthcoming debut, Perdix, has been acclaimed as a highly-anticipated release. Throughout the record, Vensaire gracefully present each song with enchanting and lighthearted imagery that will draw you in with a comforting state of mind.

Deconstructing Perdix down to its finest detail, listeners can gracefully consume the distinct prominence in sound that is reflected by Vensaire’s actively vibrant musical techniques. This dynamic sense of diversity can be identified within the lively single “Porteno,” which introduces the use of nylon-stringed guitars. The jubilant harmony of “Porteno” beautifully paints a culturally blissful picture, especially through the upbeat tempo that flows wonderfully, as it transitions into the soothing interlude, “Finding It Found.”
While Vensaire are a unique entity of its own, the album’s stand-alone outlet, “See I’m You,” is a sample-based gem that embellishes astonishing pop characteristics that recollect the free-spirited nature of experimental virtuosos like Animal Collective, while “Song Six” provides tranquil sensations that add emphasis to the band’s refreshing approach of creating a contemporary-driven pop sound.

As a calming yet fascinating conclusion to Perdix, “Rose Cottage” is a 10-minute finale that separates entirely from the record’s roaring tempo. This peaceful masterpiece combines symphonic queues with the correlation of slight samples and soft serenading guitar melodies.

Perdix is a flawless work of art that will intrigue listeners with its breathtaking musicianship. As each song ends, unpredictable arrangements continue to unfold with each track that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The defining attribute that shines throughout this release is Vensaire’s charismatic spontaneity in sound. The imaginative symbolism that is coated throughout Perdix confirms that record is a worthwhile listening experience.

In A Word: Colorful