Amy Lynn And The Gunshow: Don’t Trip On The Glitter

Don’t Trip On The Glitter is the debut from the seven-piece Memphis soul rock band, Amy Lynn And The Gunshow. They have a distinctive bluesy style, and all the songs are sung in a powerhouse voice similar to that of Amy Winehouse. The band intended to showcase their unique sound and interesting songwriting on their first album.

The release opens with “Remember (Walking In The Sand),” which is upbeat and about a past lover. It gives the listener a preview of what the rest of the nine-song LP will sound like, as it contains recurring instruments like horns, saxophones, trumpets, and bass. The title-track is next, which is slower but just as energetic and soulful. “West Village Blues” allows the group a little leeway to change their style, with spoken word and fewer instruments as accompaniment. “When I Meet You Someday” closes the record on a hopeful note, with Amy Lynn showing off what her voice can really do while explaining what she wishes for in a lover.

Especially as a first for the band, the album is exceptional. It is both radio-ready and able to be played in stores or on television. The Gunshow have mastered the traditional soul feel, but also have made it more modern sounding with the musical arrangements and contemporary themes. Hopefully, Don’t Trip On The Glitter is the first LP of many for Amy Lynn And The Gunshow, and they will continue making music of the same quality and style.

In A Word: Expressive