RPWL: Wanted

RPWL are a progressive rock band hailing from Germany. The band is set to unload their double LP, Wanted, on April 1. What caught my eye about this album is that it will also be released as a limited edition in additional 5.1 surround sound. Giving the record a listen, I realized what a treasure that would be. From track one to 10, the quality of the production is superb. The guitar solos strewn about on “The Attack” and “A New Dawn” display the melodic and soulful capability of guitarist Kalle Wallner. There were a couple songs where Wallner’s playing reminded me of some of rock’s most influential guitarists. The guitar work on the title-track featured different effect pedals and had a little bit of a U2 vibe, while the vocals and song structure of “Disbelief” reminded me of David Gilmour and Pink Floyd.

“Revelation,” the album opener, begins with the use of electronic beats. A heavy riff is introduced, which is then followed on keyboards. Various tempo changes are used throughout the number and the electronic notes hold out the high end, while the guitars bring a heavy low into the mix. As the song comes to a close, there is a strong soundscape that continues into “Swords And Guns.” Keys accompany the drums and bass to fill in the background, and provide a great base for the vocals and the rhythmic chords to lay over.

Although this full-length is definitely a lengthy one, it provides a lot of tremendous content, even on the shorter tracks. In just under three minutes, “A Short Cut Line” packs a punch with moments of brilliant sonic exploration. RPWL do a great job combining rich production with brilliant instrumentation on Wanted, and it makes for an enjoyable listen.

In A Word: Remarkable