Thomas Blondet: Future World

Washington, D.C.-based producer and DJ Thomas Blondet is an introspective artist who thrives on the variation of international sounds and melodies, which he introduces into his songs and remixes.

With roots originating from the dance music scene, Blondet has instilled these ethnically diverse elements into several independent releases, including European Coaster and Echo Chamber, through his label Rhythm & Culture. Maintaining this innovative approach of expressive creativity, Blondet presents a vivid new full-length, titled Future World, that not only provides you with a vibrant slice of life, but also captures the colorful spirit of his work in full force.

One distinct aspect of Future World’s production quality that comes into play is the transitional variety of how each song on this record is framed. While the inspiration behind particular tracks would often branch off from Blondet’s unique fusion of contemporary electronic-based subgenres such as house music, Future World incorporates elements of classic calypso and reggae to convey a worldly view into his style.

At times, listeners can embrace the explosive characteristics of these clashing forms from the album’s opener, “Chan Ve,” as well as “Supreme” and “In This World.” While the makeshift of eccentric melodies can be easily pointed out in “Curry Flava” and “Dil Da Jani,” these singles would make you feel as if you’ve set foot inside a lavish ’90s nightclub. In contrast to these standalone tracks, Blondet captivates listeners with soothing singles like “Tu Va Partir” with the joint efforts of vocalist Leyla Chatti. The relaxing tone of this song beautifully accompanies Blondet’s experimental beats.

Future World is a spontaneous record that truly reflects the lineage of Blondet’s musical roots. Drawing inspiration from various collaborations, Blondet adds vigorous imagery to his mixes that charmingly blends with the stimulation of culturally captivating influences.

In A Word: Vibrant