Automat: Automat

Automat are an interesting three-piece that provide an empowering electronic sound that embraces an innovative twist to their instrumental musicianship. Taking cues from the highly derivative post-punk era while embellishing the ingenious technique and structure of industrial ambience, the Berlin-based trio infuses these prominent influences together into their debut self-titled album.

This full-length embodies the methodology of how Automat collaborate with one another, which helps the group raise the bar by creating an extravagant and refreshing twist in style, in contrast to their musical precursors. Within each progressive hook lies an exquisite apparatus that reflects the construction of each song.
At times, the vibrant complexity of tracks like “THF” and “TXF” impel fluid portraits that would make you feel as if you’ve set foot on the set of a contemporary noir film. To weigh emphasis on the impact of the industrialized alliteration throughout the record, “Am Schlachtensee,” “GWW” and “SXF” apply mechanized beats and choreographed drum fills, which conveys a pleasurable and inviting touch to the dreary mood revealed throughout.

While these vibrant tones emphasize the conventions of machine-like imagery, “The Streets” and “Mount Tamalpais” instill a desolate post-punk-based resonance through cameo vocal appearances from artists like Lydia Lunch and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. Though the guest spots on these singles do not draw away attention from the captivating musicianship of the group, both Lunch and P-Orridge add a hauntingly seductive narrative to complement the provocative structure of their sound.
Furthermore, Automat’s introductory effort demonstrates the group’s eccentric architecture of production and teamwork, colorfully conveyed through their technical and instrumental elements. With exciting and appealing tracks that personify the articulate nature of their style, this album reveals the rising potential that Automat might have on the electronic dance scene.

In One Word: Intriguing