Dave Ellis: Everything In Between

Dave Ellis, a Seattle-based singer-songwriter, has been creating music for many years. As part of the Dave Ellis Band in the mid-1980s, he opened for acclaimed acts such as The Beach Boys and Richard Marx. After taking a break from performing to start a family, he is back with a 13-song record that was funded by the people of Kickstarter.

Everything In Between is very low-key and without any fuss. The opener, “Know Now,” sets the mood by featuring Ellis’ smooth voice set to soft guitars and tambourines, and is reminiscent of the laid-back music of Michael Bublé. “Whatcha Think About That” is bluesier, and includes perceptible harmonicas and whining guitars. The release changes yet again, this time dipping a toe into show tunes territory, with each word of the chorus being accented by individual piano keys on “At The Rate I’m Falling.” As every album needs an inspirational song, “Out Of The Dark” fills that criteria. It is slow, relaxing, and the perfect thing to encourage people to keep the faith. The closing track, “Daddy’s Little Girl,” is an adorable ode to his daughter, and ends the record the same way it started: delightfully happy and harmonious.

Overall, the album is very calm, and although it genre-jumps a little, it keeps the same at-peace vibe the whole way through. Some of the songs in the middle become muddled together due to their similarity, but tracks like “All In” break up the monotony. Dave Ellis has successfully produced music that works when you’re upset and need some encouragement, as well as when you are blissfully content and just want to relax.

In A Word: Halcyon