Dan Masterson: Learn To Live

Incorporating an emotionally-driven personality into his songwriting, Dan Masterson is an eccentric solo act who introduces a highly enthusiastic instrumental approach that breaks the mold of contemporary pop. With a plethora of influences ranging from piano-centric rock artists like Jack’s Mannequin and Regina Spektor to established alternative groups including The Civil Wars, The Fray and Mumford And Sons, the Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter brings justice to his captivating prowess with his sophomore release, Learn To Live. Adding to his impressive talents, Masterson charms listeners with his passionate vocal delivery that complements his whimsical musicianship.

Scripted accordingly like five acts in a play, Learn To Live conveys a chronological tale that revolves around Masterson’s personal journey of moving forward after bearing through overwhelming heartache. With an alluring piano melody that hones the jubilant spirit of the opening title-track, “Learn To Live,” Masterson presents a hopeful lyrical narrative that sheds light on a content mindset that comes from getting over a former lover. While it is often easier said than done, standalone songs like “Fine” and “Bayonet” are solemn ballads that remind you of the conflicting struggles of staying optimistic during a tragic fallout, especially when nostalgic feelings begin to resurface over time.

From beginning to end, Learn To Live is a genuine effort that not only provides you with an enchanting sound, but also pierces straight to the heart in the long run. Listening to this album will make you feel as if you’re vicariously taking a walk in Masterson’s shoes by experiencing the gripping sorrow that he has endured. With relatable accounts of lingering experiences that touch upon the anguish of trembling heartache throughout, Learn To Live acquaints you with a stunning theatrical sequence that profiles Masterson’s uphill battle of fighting these reoccurring woes while conquering despair.

In A Word: Stunning