Overlake: Sighs

For the past two years, the Jersey City-based trio Overlake have always been floating around in the dream pop gene pool. Presenting a mesmerizing alternative vibe that embodies the blissful spirit of shoegaze precursors like My Bloody Valentine and Ride, the group’s debut effort, Sighs, perfectly captures the atmospheric nature of their captivating style.

From beginning to end, Overlake beautifully convey solid harmonies that not only please the senses, but also provide an on-point replicated delivery to their contemporary approach. With comforting melodies accompanied by the peaceful undertones of guitarist and vocalist Tom Barrett that are complemented by the light-tapping drum pattern of Lysa Opfer, Sighs opens up with an inviting interlude, “First,” that provides a reliving introduction which leads into the following song, “Disappear.” “Disappear” complements the droning ambience of “First” with an eccentric onslaught reverb distortion that is heavily emphasized throughout.

While Sighs delightfully emulates the pensive buzz of their influences, “Not Enough,” “Our Sky” and “Fell Too Far” charmingly shed light on the introspective esthetics of Sonic Youth, along with other iconic college rock bands the likes of Pavement and Yo La Tengo. Other highlights on this release including “Your KS” and “We’ll Never Sleep” maintain the group’s dreamlike qualities with simplistic and sensual tunes. Staying true to the eloquence of their soft yet fuzzed-out sound, these tracks incorporate more of an upbeat variety that will help you reach a tranquilizing state of mind in which you have finally have reached nirvana.

Sighs is a record that enchants the listener with heavenly tones and passionate musicianship. If you were to take the transcendent and spontaneous elements of Daydream Nation and blend it together with the mystifying sense of awe gained from listening to Loveless, this full-length will your satisfy your reverb fix. This album is truly a breath of fresh air that will make you sigh with ease.

In A Word: Dreamy