Stagnant Pools: Geist

Following up from their debut full-length Temporary Room, the Indianapolis-based noise rock duo Stagnant Pools deliver another captivating and mesmerizing release with their sophomore effort, Geist. With a dreamy style to complement the group’s reverb approach, the Enas brothers Bryan and Douglas provide listeners with a heavily distorted atmosphere throughout that will make you feel spiritually invincible. Geist’s hypnotizing framework follows suit with a droning pattern throughout that would remind you of the astonishing qualities of dream-pop icons the likes of My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus And Mary Chain.

Opening Geist with a blissful account of fuzzed-out guitar tones, Bryan Enas belts out into a soothing vocal harmony in “Your Whir” and “To Begin.” Drawing you into these soft introductory songs, the title-track “Geist” drops into the record with an explosive drum pattern as Bryan’s crunching guitar chords drown out his angelic voice. Also adding contemporary queues that compare to groups like The National and Interpol, you can definitely hear these comparisons in leading singles like “Intentions” as well as “His Head Was Warm” and “Dots And Lines.”

From beginning to end, this full-length continues to raise the bar higher and higher from each transition. And by the time you reach the end of this celestial record, it is guaranteed that you want to listen to Geist over and over again on constant repeat.

The longer you spiritually engage with this album, you are more than likely to tune out the entire world around you and find a spontaneous outburst of existential solace to confide to. Listening to Geist would make you feel as if you are basking in the summer heat, while the sound of crashing ocean waves sings you to sleep. Just sit back, close your eyes and let Geist guide you closer to your own personal nirvana.

In A Word: Heavenly