A Fistful Of Sugar: Perspicacity

It has been said that good art has the ability to transport the consumer to another place. This new place could be an imaginary trip to another location, a travel in time to a different era, or even taking the listener to a new state of being. A Fistful Of Sugar’s debut album, Perspicacity, manages to take the listener on a journey that not only pays homage to some of America’s greatest musical roots but also reflects the album title, which is defined as the ability to deeply perceive.

As you listen, you could be deep in the swampy South in one track and in a jazz club of the city in the next. Their choice of words lends a transparency and directness that makes the listener experience perspicacity firsthand. The abundant amount of vocalists featured allows for each track to have a unique story to tell. Distinctive sounds, particularly from violins and horns, are the finishing touches that complete the journey.

“Call Me” is the album’s epitome of realization, with frank lyrics that, despite their simplicity, resonate. “Miss Impossible-To-See” is the folk song that instantly takes you deep into the South with banjo and tuba sounds that enrich the track’s charm. Sultry jazz has its spotlight moment in “Virtuous Woman.” The track mixes soulful electric guitar and effortlessly cool vocals to create a dynamic modern jazz song.

Familiar musical themes and modern scenarios mix together well to create songs that gracefully translate just how cohesively put together this group can be. A Fistful Of Sugar provide direct lyrics and compositions that put their aesthetic on display, which is perfect for a debut album.

In A Word: Sincere