Maria’s Local Radar: Inventure

Ladies and gentleman, or boys and girls, it’s about that time that we hit up this Local Radar! I have had such an amazing summer covering music, with so many national acts such as Cage The Elephant, Say Anything, Modest Mouse and so many more. But, I can’t knock the locals, since there have been so many standout performances from everyone including Toothgrinder, Lost In Society, Small Town Scoundrels and Deal Casino, just to name a few. It’s crazy how the summer flies though, and I have to think I will be back in sweaters and boots before I know it. However, this isn’t a fashion blog, so let’s get down to business and talk music, shall we?

I want to talk metal; all day, every day, metal. I heard about this band recently, for their members used to be in another group, but the past is the past, and we will focus on the future. They go by the name of Inventure, and you may have heard of them since their members have shared the stage with national acts such as After The Burial, Body Count and Darkest Hour. They reside in Brick, New Jersey, a town where so many talented local acts seem to sprout from the ground. (I feel as if almost every band I hear these days has some Brick love in them!) Anyway, let us proceed to give you what you need.

Inventure consists of Stephen Nowak on vocals, Dennis Moscara on guitar/vocals, John Dalton on guitar, Alex D’Angelo on bass, and Dave Rucki on drums. Now, I will admit, I am basing this article on one track, but I feel this band has a lot of potential, and will do a lot in the local metal scene. They recently released the pre-production of a track called “Skeptic Youth,” which could be a certified headbanger. Can I compare them to a band? Well, I don’t want to, but if I had to, possibly After The Burial. Upon first listen, you may not intially get what you are expecting (not in a bad way), but with the irregularity of the music with the melody and the offbeats, etc., it really grows on you. After listning several times, it started making me realize that these guys are undeniably talented, for I am raving over a pre-production. It’s a great combination of heavy beats, melody, and gruffness. It definitely has a different taste, but personally, I am sick of hearing the same thing every day, so that’s a positive thing.

They recently played the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, which had to have been an experience in itself. I remember so many bands competing to play that thing, and they definitly exposed their sound to a bunch of new fans, who are out for one reason and one reason only: heavy music. You can catch a live video of them at this show on their Facebook page as well, so be sure to check it out. The energy is undeniable, and if that doesn’t sell you on getting out to their show, I don’t know what will. Be sure to check out the video of them performing the track “Digital Color,” for this one is now my new favorite. It will hit you in the face and leave you wanting more. You can tell by the crowd reaction that people were totally into this song, since the band’s energy is infectious. It’s just obvious that they were meant to do this. By now in life, you probably know what genre you want to play or listen to, and now that they have a good name, and a solid philososphy, combining this with great music will give you the support you need. They’ve got the look, the sound, and everything that they need to be a succesful band.

You can catch Inventure at The Saint in Asbury Park on Sunday, Sept. 14, with my friends in Toothgrinder before they hit the road this fall. The Greatest Virtue are on this bill as well, among others. I highly recommend you get out there and see this band live, for I know I will be in the front row with a drink in hard. You can also learn more about them on their Facebook page at I am hoping they release a nice fall schedule in case you miss this show so you can jump on the fanwagon.

I will be back next week with another local band of your liking, so keep on sending in those submissions. If you book a show, people will hear about it if you promote it properly! Get your name out there and help spread the love, and network with bands and help spread the love. Hey, after all, this week’s featured act was because I heard about them from another band, so anything is possible! Keep rockin’!