Maria’s Local Radar: Crobot

My local friends, it’s about that time to chat music. I am so glad that all of you were digging our artists from the past couple weeks, and I always enjoy your feedback. This week, I am going to take the time to spotlight a band that has been buzzing all over lately. They recently opened up for Skid Row at Starland Ballroom, and completely blew the roof off (luckily, not literally). I have been hearing about this band for almost a year now, and have had the privilege of seeing them live numerous times, and I must say they are one of the best bands in the game right now. They go by the name of Crobot (no, not robot; Crobot). They are a rock and roll band from Pennsylvania that is migrating their way into the Jersey area, and luckily for us, one show at a time. Members include Brandon on lead vocals and harp, Bishop on guitar and vocals, Jake on bass, and Paul on drums. Now, I may have spotlighted them in the Local Radar a few years back, but this group has done so much in the time since we last met that I feel it’s only appropriate to give them the attention they deserve. Be prepared for the force that is Crobot.

Crobot are currently signed to Wind-Up Records, and are taking full advantage of every opportunity they are given. This is straight-up rock and roll, no bullshit. The first time I heard Brandon hit a note, I was hooked. His range is so insanely incredible. I have yet to find many frontmen that can swing like he can, yet even step up to the batter’s box. I don’t know if Brandon knows who Eric Nally (Foxy Shazam) is, but he gives me goose bumps just like he does. (Brandon, if you are reading this, please takes that as a sincere compliment, because that’s exactly what it is.)

Their self-titled album is filled with heavy-hitters, including leadoff track “Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer.” The drums are one of my favorite parts on this song, as you can literally feel your heart pounding out of your chest when it plays. One of the reasons I love this song, and band, so much is that there are a lot of groups out there today that can sound retro or modern, but not a lot can pull both off at the same time. They have that Wolfmother-style riffage, however, there is no mimicking; it’s just a comparison I somewhat hear. They have tracks that will smack you in the face like “Skull Of Geronimo” and then other hits that are more upbeat and radio-ready with real heart and soul like “Nowhere To Hide.” In fact, I believe some of their music is even on regular rotation on WDHA up in Morristown. But don’t get it twisted: They are far from mainstream stars, yet they have the crossover edge that allows them to have that perfect balance. Each song on this record covers a range of tempos and raw emotions from the beginning to the end, and even though there are only a few tracks, I find it to be one of the most complete and compelling albums I have heard in a while.

Crobot have this undeniable energy when they perform live that keeps everything sounding tighter than a pair of my third grade sneakers. They are modern and relevant, yet there is something so fascinating and unique here that I honestly haven’t experienced since the first time I heard The Parlor Mob live. If you love a high-energy set that will leave you with no choice but to become a superfan, then I highly suggest you find the time to see them live. I can still remember it like it was yesterday when I saw them play with my good friends in Only Living Boy, who also fall in the natural, raw, rock and roll talent pool that just doesn’t exist nowadays. I couldn’t wait to learn more about them, and immediately bought their music. Then to my pleasant surprise, their recordings were equally as awesome, or even better, than their insane live demeanor. Judging by their socials and my ears, this band is really getting the buzz that they deserve, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they became a household name in rock over the next year or so. They have it all—the look, the sound, and the natural talent—to carry them where they need to go in this industry. I would love to hear these guys release a ballad, for I can only imagine the acoustics.

You can learn more about Crobot on their Facebook page at Their music is also available for purchase, and if you haven’t already bought it halfway through this article, I cannot convince you enough that you will fall in love. If I had to pick one song to sell you, though, I suggest trying out “Skull Of Geronimo” first, since it has everything for everyone. Don’t be surprised if these guys become the next big thing in the genre, as they are well on their way.

I will be back next week with another local band of your liking. Until then, support Crobot and all they do, for it’s what’s cool right now! Keep supporting local music everyone, one week and one group at a time!