Walking Shapes: Taka Come On

Taking flight with the explosive and innovative delivery of their debut full-length, Taka Come On, Walking Shapes offer a transcending approach to songwriting that provides listeners with an out-of-this-world experience. Blending together the esthetics of crafting catchy pop songs with a seductive backdrop to overshadow their eccentric indie-based spirit, Walking Shapes are a refreshing entity that entice the ears with a pleasurable and enthralling sound.

Drawing you in with a sonic assault of fuzzed-out riffs to absorb the tempting drum progression of “Woah Tiger,” Walking Shapes dish out a fascinating single that introduces you to the spontaneity of the group’s experimental dynamic. Surpassing the inventive musicianship of alternative rock virtuosos like Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes, the band’s charisma can also be truly reflected through the pulsing beat of other standalone tracks like “Winter Fell” and “In The Wake” that articulate an electronically-driven harmony that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Transitioning from each vibrant song, we are also provided with delightful tunes that highlight on the band’s capabilities of arranging enchanting hooks and jubilant harmonies. While “Let It Will” and “Find Me” stray away from the bizarre qualities of their unpredictable nature, “Saturday Song” reels us back in immediately with upbeat melodies and alluring atmospheric beats. Ultimately, when these two complementary instrumental forces collide, we are given the best of both worlds with warm-weather anthems including “Feel Good” and epic number “The Right Time” that complete the album on a climate note.

Taka Come On is a fiery debut that enchants listeners with the liveliness of artistic expression. Drawing similarities to avant-garde groups like Animal Collective, My Morning Jacket and The Flaming Lips, Walking Shapes are definitely ready to carry the torch for the new wave of experimental rock and independent music.

In A Word: Enticing