The Albrights: The Albrights

In the midst of Top 40 radio, many pop and indie rock bands have enjoyed reigns at the top, ranging from Fun. to Mumford & Sons, but one of the strongest in the genre has yet to make way to stardom. For their second self-titled album, the pop rock quartet The Albrights put forth an exceptional 13 songs that explore heartache and self-worth through beautiful melodies and creative lyrics, incorporating a variety of genres. While they may be under the radar now, The Albrights is too catchy and well written to ignore the Buffalo, NY band.

There are songs that capture the essence of relationship hardships, while others come across aggressive or cordial, but each track flows into the next in excellent fashion. Lead singers Joe Donohue III and Brandon Barry take turns on the album in a variety of vocal styles and harmonies that complement each other’s smooth, compelling voice. The record begins with a showstopper in “Gotta Be Your Own Friend,” an upbeat, inspirational vibe that promotes going out in the world alone, highlighted by an excellent Donohue piano melody, which is a mainstay throughout the album. Other tracks, like “Over And Over,” which features an orchestral string crescendo, “Baby, It’s You,” and “Goodbye Adeline” evoke a folk sound that presents a welcomed contrast to the piano-driven numbers.

Donohue and Barry provide colorful and gripping melodies with their instrumentation and vocal ability, while drummer Dustin Herzberger and bassist Matthew Crane serve as the steadfast foundation for the layered compositions. The Albrights’ ability to retain their direction while playing different styles like the Spanish-influenced “Zion Man,” or the jazzy “Handle This,” is a unique feat in songwriting and musical prowess, and a sound that should be enjoyed by all fans of indie rock.

In A Word: Blissful