It’s about that time to chat local music, are you ready? Fall is in full form and I love every minute of it. There is something about local summer that is just so appealing; maybe it’s the fact that I can actually find parking, or the fact that I don’t have to sit in five hours of traffic to get down the block, but those are just a few things to mention. Naturally, shows are moving inside, but that is not a problem whatsoever. I have a lot of bands lined up for features for the rest of the year, and recently one came in creeping hard that really grabbed my attention. I actually saw them on a post that they played a show with one of my favorite local acts, The Amboys. I mean, come on, who in the scene doesn’t love The Amboys? Basically anything they would suggest I would listen to and most likely fall in love with.

This band goes by the name of The Sunday Blues. Now, step one, I immediately was attracted to the name, for every Sunday, even though football is on and I am in my glory, I tend to get the blues, as the weekend has come to an end. Or maybe it’s the blues from the Giants, since we all know how that goes. Anyway, I am just starting to get into this act, and I will share my knowledge and wisdom with you.

The Sunday Blues are a “rock/Americana/country/blues”-type band from Asbury Park, New Jersey, with members Johnny Macko, Drew Clelland, Keith McCarthy, and Lindsey Miller. I started off by listening to their free track on Facebook singing about their religion on Christmas, making everything so happy. This band appears to be very lighthearted and humorous, and they even provide the lyrics to their song that made me fall in love! I feel like I could totally hang out with these guys. Even better, they write their own songs, which is always a plus.

They describe themselves stating, “The Sunday Blues write songs that give an honest look at the nuances and idiosyncrasies of life that others are far too quick to cast aside.” I love that quote, and I think it makes perfect sense and describes them perfectly. Who says all music needs to be dark and serious? It could just as well be happy and fun and still have the same effect on us as a love ballad would.

I then proceeded to listen to their album entitled City Folklore, and each track had me hooked. The artwork on this record is perfect; it sums them up on the outside and in, giving an old-fashioned vibe with a modern day twist. Although it’s very simple, it speaks so much. “The Overthrow” is a perfect album opener, setting the tone and the mood right off the bat. “As we drift further apart, I still open up my heart.” I love the lyrics to this song, and anyone could apply it to a personal situation in their lives, which is always my favorite. I also really love “Four In The Morning,” another track where the lyrics had me sold. Don’t get me wrong, there is so much musical talent going on here. In fact, each member brings an important piece to the puzzle, and their instruments feed off one another. So what I am saying is, they can play music and write? Almost unheard of these days! I also love “Brand New Lower Price,” and not just for the title, even though, who doesn’t love a good savings?

Overall, this whole album is amazing. It’s also on Spotify, but you should absolutely purchase it and support them. From start to finish, it tells a story; a story of a band that loves what they do, feed off of one another, and showcases extraordinary talents. If I was forced to pick a favorite song and I had no choice, I would say all, but that’s not acceptable. I guess I would pick “Love By Numbers,” since it’s absolutely stunning. Take a listen and you will see what I mean.

It’s apparent that their live set it also a big part of their selling point, so I am making it a point to put them on my “must-see” list for the fall of 2014. You can check out their Facebook page for the latest show dates and updates at It’s very cool that they also play benefits, interact with their fans on social media, and basically just put their lives out there to share with the world. Who wouldn’t want to be a fan of a band like that? Be sure to show this band some love, for I promise you are going to be a longtime fan. For the record, there aren’t many acts out there right now that sound like them.

I will be back next week with another band or solo act, or maybe an eight-piece, who knows! Keep supporting your local music scene and sending on over your tunes for review. See you next Wednesday!

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