So much liberal handwringing in such a short space. (FEARGUSON – Issue: 8/27/14) So Ferguson is because of something 50 years ago, half a continent away? Nice, good to know. So when do we march for the thousands of African Americans killed in black on black crime or do those stats not matter because they don’t meet the “fear quotient” or help further the narrative of racist cops shooting “unarmed African American youths?”

Look, if you want to talk about the increased unconstitutional militarization of police, I am right there with you, but to keep furthering and giving credence to lawless “protest” and blaming it on something a half century ago, that’s where you lose me. Where is personal responsibility? Where is the proper raising of kids? We need to, for once, be honest with ourselves and finally admit that government programs like welfare decimated the African American family by taking out the need for the African American male to be a strong positive role model. The constant excusing of this abhorrent behavior will only ensure its continued presence.

It’s time to step up and take responsibility both citizens and law enforcement.



—Bill Roberts


This is one of the best things I think you have ever written:

“It doesn’t get any more primal in the human condition than Fear and Anger. These are the biggies; empathy, sadness, love bounce around in there somewhere, but at our core, as mammals, we react immediately with Fear and Anger. It is the basis of all violence and war. Name one act of violence; whether personal or systemic, and it is derived from Fear and Anger. Sure, sometimes it is masked in wealth, borders, religion or ideology, and most times it is propped up by race, nationality, gender or economic standing, but mostly it is merely Fear and Anger.”

Whenever these things happen, I am always searching for any reason why—on both sides—things go bad so quickly. I am stunned by the footage, by the savagery of people, what people are capable of. So then I read those words and somehow it all boiled down to the core of our being, all of our beings, because who would not lose their minds, their sense of morals if faced with the kind of alleged injustice that is done to their children, and what would the police do, if you were one of them, if faced with the same insanity we see in the streets of Ferguson by its own citizens day after day?

You, James, can break it down to the core. This is your talent. This is why I read this column when surrounded by so much discussion and opinion and dissection that goes nowhere or goes to the same dead end. Not here. Not you.

Bravo, sir. Bravo.




Thanks for the blooper reel—I mean, game summary. (HERE WE GO AGAIN – Issue: 9/10/14) Wish that more journalists could quote their work in this manner; my impression is that most of the more prominent figures have long since sold out for “access” that they’re likely moving to redact their previous publications.

Today’s news meme, “How Could a Politician Be This Stupid?” (that governor and his wife who got caught trying to pimp Anatabloc, aka CigRx, for Star Scientific, now known as Rock Creek Pharma), but the only stupidity I see is the scale of the fraud. Even my young children have learned from cartoons that if you’re going to steal, steal something big. If more money and more political careers had been at stake, they could at least have drawn the thing out.

I think a more interesting invitation might have been, “How Can a Politician Be This Smart?” It is well known how uncommon it is to find intelligent politicians; almost as uncommon as finding intelligent sales professionals. I’ll mention Jordan Belfort and leave the rest as an exercise for the reader.

Just one more thing. It’s a little thing, but little things bother me. We ascribe—and then expect certain qualities in our leaders. We all know what these are, and we all know that these are, in fact, exceedingly rare in every human population, and even rarer still among those who earn a living in politics. Why, then, do we continue to act surprised when one or more of them is found to be wanting? Not of the high-minded virtues that we hope for in the people to whom we’ve surrendered authority, but lacking common mores that our myths tell us that we all possess?

Because we’re in on the sham. We can’t admit it, we must act as though these heinous deeds are horrific, offensive, and must be eradicated immediately, yet they persist. Simple arithmetic reveals that if we know it’s wrong and allow it to continue, then we’re part of this conspiracy of dunces. I used to recite, “We get what we tolerate.” I think a more accurate observation is, “We have no idea what we’re tolerating.”


—Brad Morrison


It is hard to believe this is all happening AGAIN! How in the world could this happen AGAIN! Never in a million years with a million dead journalists could I fathom this happening AGAIN! Wake me up when it’s over.



I know that I am in the minority, but I believe that we MUST take on these maniacs in ISIS, even if it means…”Here We Go Again.” You have to understand that each situation, especially in foreign policy, brings a separate reaction. You always write that to make a blanket statement about anything is going down the path to destruction or ignorance, and now, yet, you are ignoring a major threat to our allies and perhaps in a post-9/11 world, a major threat to the homeland. I fear you are the one being naïve here. And although you’re revisiting your previous columns over the past 10 years have shown that we have indeed failed in every way to keep the barbarians from our gates, this should not mean we’re supposed to put our heads in the sand.


—Samuel G.


That was a stunning review of a very scary time. It proves no matter what how entirely unwinnable this fiasco was and will continue to be without a political or diplomatic solution. This was the president who was supposed to see us through all that, the one that would not bend to the hawks, who try and emasculate him by painting any president who would not engage in knee-jerk war as a sign of machismo masquerading as “toughness” or “strength.” It is sickening to think this cannot even stop with this president. I give up.


—Dore Epstein



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