Jason Garner: Learning To Breathe

Jason Garner was the classic rags-to-riches story. But in a society obsessed with prominence and achievement, the pressures to obtain a status of success that is so elusive left Garner on the verge of losing it all. His poignant memoir, And I Breathed, chronicles Garner’s life through the struggles of reaching self-content and a need for love. Growing up in Arizona he lived in poverty, being cared for by a single mother, whom he adored. He worked his way up from the bottom, from a lowly parking attendant to his eventual position as the CEO of Global Music at Live Nation. But after being hit by a sobering series of events Garner’s life began to fall into shambles. Within a short period of time Garner suffered through the death of his mother to stomach cancer, his second divorce, and the loss of his job. And I Breathed delves into his personal experience and reveals universal undertones of loss, love, and success. As Garner struggles to get a hold on feelings of fulfillment and worth, the more it evades him, saying, “And so I did. Over and over again I defied the odds and won, believing that with each success I would find peace and somehow quiet the voice, but still it tortured me.” Yet with each loss Garner faces, the more he exposes an underlying need in all of us to love and be loved, reevaluating all modern beliefs on what truly constitutes a meaningful life. And I Breathed is available for purchase now. For more information on Garner, or his memoir, you can visit his website, jasongarner.com.