Whenever you attend a party at the castle mansion of Sir Ivan Wilzig in the Hamptons, you know you’re in for a wild ride. Past themes for his summer soirees have included sailors and sinners, ’60s Woodstock grooviness, and a wild animal-themed night invoking a sexy Playboy vibe. The raison d’être for these annual summer celebrations is to bring awareness to his Peaceman Foundation, devoted to tackling hatred, violence and P.T.S.D., and to thank the donors to his causes. It’s also a chance for attendees to take in the impressive manor and its surroundings.

This year the Midnight Sun theme encouraged attendees to costume themselves in bright colors (oranges, yellows, pinks), and the ginormous disco ball hovering over the pool area created the perfect ambiance. It especially looked great from the balcony. Of course, the theme tied in with Sir Ivan’s latest single, his dance reinvention of the Beatles classic “Here Comes The Sun,” for which he did a wireless outdoor performance—arriving in his Peacemobile, distributing glowsticks among the throng, and ultimately cavorting with lovely ladies onstage in his house.

If it all sounds outrageous, it’s supposed to be. Sir Ivan does not cater to the standard Hamptons crowd—the day before, the NY Post proclaimed him the “Hugh Hefner of the Hamptons”—but prefers an edgier evening. An officer from the Southampton Town Code Enforcement inevitably paid a visit later in the night—the party stayed strong after that—and I imagine he wished he could have stayed. While the Midnight Sun gathering was less overtly risqué than some of his past bashes, it was still a sexy, exuberant event fueled by good booze, tasty food, and colorful characters.

Sir Ivan’s next big event? Taking his Peacemobile across the U.S. for an anti-bullying campaign. Once in L.A., he plans to film a music video for “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye,” a song he co-wrote and which was produced by DJ Paul Oakenfold and features singer Taylor Dayne. The video will be directed by Erik White.

Multiple mixes of “Here Comes The Sun” are available on iTunes. To learn about the Peaceman Foundation, click on over to sirivan.com/charity.

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