It’s about that time for the greatest mid-day of the week, Wednesday. The weather is getting colder, the holidays are quickly approaching, and many things are getting added to the calendar. As we all know, the Asbury Music Awards are just around the corner, which is one of the most celebrated nights in music. I am lucky enough to have been honored a few times by the awards, and am looking forward to seeing who takes the crowns home this year! Also, holiday time tends to bring out the best in many, with bands booking charity shows, donations coming into full effect, and holiday showcases getting booked all over the state. This year, I am highly looking forward to two nights of Taking Back Sunday at Starland Ballroom on Dec. 27 and 28, all being brought to you by our very own home base, The Aquarian Weekly. In fact, one of our own locals, Modern Chemistry, will be playing on one of those shows, so be sure to get out there and support them on their big night.

Anyway, that being said, it’s time to focus on the music and bring another talented act into the spotlight where they belong. This week, I am going to feature a band that has been buzzing all over as of late that I actually found on Xero Gravity’s Facebook page, which I am also an avid supporter of. They go by the name of Chapter 31, and if you’re into bands like Misfits and Social Distortion, this is the group for you. I am new to the fanbase of this band and gradually am trying to learn more and more about them, so hopefully after this article, you will be able to chime in with your own feedback as well.

Chapter 31 are a rock/punk band from Landing, New Jersey. They have been entertaining many since the late days of 2009, which seems like so many moons ago. Members of the band include Christopher Jay on vocals and guitar, Alex Markgraf on guitar, Chris Pertain on drums, and Dillon Finn on bass/backing vocals. The first track I heard from these guys was “Alive Like A Suicide,” and I was instantly intrigued. They’ve got a heavy sound without being head banging, but just solid enough to make for a great rock act. I am in love with the guitars on this track specifically, for I feel they dominate the song in the best way possible. I then checked out “Obsessed,” which totally turned the page for me. This is a song that you may get taken away by the music, but you really need to listen to the lyrics here, as it’s way deeper than the surface appears to be. I am not sure who does the writing for this group, but I would be interested to find out where their motivation comes from. “Obsessed” leans more on the punk side, so if that’s your thing, this track if definitely one for you. Chris’ voice is on point, hitting a very diverse vocal range that is extremely impressive.

I have really taken a liking to their whole discography, but there are a few more tracks that stick out the most, including “Sweet Dreams.” This song is one that I could see being on a movie soundtrack, as it would set the tone and mood for many memory-making moments. I will say this time and time again until I am blue in the face, but any band that can help set the tone of how you are personally feeling mentally and emotionally is doing something right. Also check out a deeper cut called “Divided We Fall,” for I have a feeling this song will hit home for many. It’s a powerful track that should not go unnoticed. Chapter 31 are different yet catchy, and this is something that is hard to find. Originality blended with something comfortable, I’d like to describe it at that.

They are constantly playing shows in the area, and if you want to learn more about them, you can visit their Facebook page at For as young as these guys are, they have a timeless sound with a bright future ahead. I highly suggest you interact with them on socials and find out where they are playing next, as I have a feeling if you aren’t already a mega fan, you will instantly become one. Their music can be streamed on their ReverbNation page as well. I am intrigued to catch their live set and will definitely be in the audience the next time they come around, for they satisfy my cravings for punk and rock at the same time. Also check out all of their social media pages and show them the support they deserve.

I will be back next week with another local act of your liking. In the meantime, keep supporting local music! If you have any new music, shows, songs, or just information you’d like me to know about, please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you all!

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